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Drivers Ed Standard 5

Quiz by John Shelley

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11 questions
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  • Q1

    Which area of a construction zone is the most dangerous?

    Advanced Warning Area




  • Q2

    What sign or symbol communicates to roadway users that a vehicle is considered a slow moving vehicle?

    Flashing Yellow Lights

    Red Yield Sign

    Flashing Blue Lights

    Orange Reflective Triangle

  • Q3

    How long does it take the average train to stop when traveling at 55 mph?

    5 miles

    1 mile

    .25 miles

    2 miles

  • Q4

    What are you signaling to other drivers when you tap your horn?

    Warn your intention

    Slow down

    To be seen

    To warn someone/get their attention

  • Q5

    What are you signaling to the drivers behind you when you flash your brake lights?

    To warn your intentions to change lanes

    To warn someone and get their attention

    To be seen

    To slow down

  • Q6

    Where do the majority of pedestrian-motorist crashes occur?

    Parking Lots



    Rural Roads

  • Q7

    What are bicycles considered when on the roadway?



    Their on Thing


  • Q8

    Who is most likely to be injured or killed in a work zone related crash?

    Traffic Control crew

    Utility Workers

    Construction crew

    Everyday vehicle drivers

  • Q9

    When you are driving and a school bus is stopped and picking up students you must always stop, unless.....

    Private neighborhood

    Four Way stop

    You are on the opposite side of a divided roadway

    Lights are not on

  • Q10

    How can you tell if the driver of a large truck can see you?

    If you have your headlights on

    If you can see the license plate

    If you are also in a truck

    If you can see the driver

  • Q11

    What is Coach Shelley's favorite restaurant at Disney

    Whispering Canyon Cafe

    Garden Grill


    Sci Fi Restaurant


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