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Driver's Education

Quiz by Michael Yasosky

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  • Q1
    What do the double yellow lines signify?
    not applicable
    opposing traffic, can not pass
    can pass or not
    same way traffic
  • Q2
    How many inches should your vehicle be by the car after parallel parking?
    12 inches
    6 inches
    10 inches
    5 inches
  • Q3
    What shape are most warning signs?
    octagon shaped
    circle shaped
    diamond shape
    triangle shaped
  • Q4
    What does a yellow traffic light signify?
    keep going
    Make every reasonable effort to stop
    go faster
  • Q5
    How many months are you supposed to practice under a special learner's permit?
    10 months
    6 months
    1 month
    4 months

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