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  • Q1
    pompous (adj.)
    incapable of being justified, explained, or defended/막기 어려운, 변호의 여지가 없는
    to make (something) dangerous, dirty; or impure/오염시키다
    speaking and behaving in a very serious manner due to a belief of self-superiority/거만한
    talking a lot in an energetic and rapid way/(말) 많은, 유창한
  • Q2
    strenuous (adj.)
    attitude and action/태도가 보여지는 행동
    1. vigorously active 2. requiring or showing great energy and effort/1. 활발한 2. 분투적인
    to make a copy of; to perform again/복제하다; (같은 일을 다른 곳에서) 다시 하다
    inflow; arrival of large numbers of people or things; inundation/유입
  • Q3
    vexing (adj.)
    to express strong approval of; to compliment and honor/~을 ~에게 추천하다; ~를 칭송하다
    extremely annoying or displeasing/짜증나게 하는
    a slight objection or criticism./사소한 불만 혹은 의혹제기
    full of danger or risk/위험한
  • Q4
    ethics (n.)
    struck with fear or dread/당황한, 동요된, 불안한
    robust, capable of surviving through adverse conditions/건강한, 단단한
    to make legally or officially invalid; to cancel out/무효로 하다
    moral standards governing behavior/윤리, 도덕; 윤리학, 도덕론
  • Q5
    orthodox (adj.)
    man-made object/사람이 만든 것
    abruptly and rudely short/무뚝뚝한, 퉁명스러운
    accepted as true or correct by most people/1. 정통의 2. 주류의
    not securely held or in position; dangerously likely to fall or collapse/위태로운
  • Q6
    usurp (v.)
    the action of keeping something under control or within limits/억제
    avoiding the company of other people; solitary/은둔적인
    to combine, strengthen/강화하다
    to take (a position of power or importance) illegally or by force/찬탈하다
  • Q7
    requisite (adj.)
    appearing as such but not necessarily so/~처럼 보이는
    very strange or unusual/기이한
    necessary for a particular purpose/필요한
    directed downward; dejected; depressed/하품한, 우울한
  • Q8
    accede (v.)
    causing cancer/발암성의
    incapable of being taken back/돌이킬 수 없는
    adj thorough; rigorous; complete; painstaking/전부를 다하는, 철저한, 포괄적인, 소모적인, 고갈시키는.
    to agree/동의하다, 합의하다
  • Q9
    annuity (n.)
    to plot, scheme/공모하다, 음모를 꾸미다
    an annual allowance or income; the annual interest payment on an investment; any regular allowance or income/연금, 연간 이자 수입
    a large or excessive amount of something/과다
    affecting the entire system, especially the entire body/1. 조직(체계, 계통)의 2. [생리, 병리] 온몸의
  • Q10
    renounce (v.)
    the quality or condition of being obstinate; stubbornness./완고함, 고집
    causing active disagreement/논란의 소지가 되는, 물의를 일으키는
    remarkably or impressively great in extent, size, or degree./엄청난, 경이로운
    to formally give up/포기하다
  • Q11
    intertwine (v.)
    a person with whom one works in a profession or business/동료
    relating to cooking or the kitchen/요리의, 주방의
    moving forward; favoring reform/진행형; 진보적인
    to twist or weave together/엮다, 얽히다
  • Q12
    executive (adj.)
    to show or suggest that someone is involved in a crime or wrongdoing/연루시키다
    different, deviating/다른, 벗어난
    having the function of carrying out plans or orders; in government, referring to branch headed by the President (carries out national business)/행정을 실행하는; 대통령의
    a small piece or part broken off from a whole/조각
  • Q13
    deliberate (adj.)
    avoiding the company of other people; solitary/은둔적인
    a device that supplies power/배터리
    on purpose/고의
    balance, stability/평형, 균형
  • Q14
    consonant (adj.)
    based on a mistaken belief/잘못된, 허위의
    to say or write very harsh and critical things about (someone or something)/헐뜯다
    harmonious; in agreement/일치하는, 조화하는; 자음
    not dense/성긴, 드문드문한
  • Q15
    exempt (adj.)
    excused; not subject to/면제하다, 면제된, 면제(세)자
    a system of ideas and ideals, especially one that forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy/이념
    calmness, self-control/침착함
    deserving blame or censure/유죄의

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