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  • Q1
    malaise (n.)
    inspiring shock, horror, disgust/충격적인, 혐오스러운
    tending to reject; showing indifference or disregard/경멸감을 보이는
    a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or unease/불안감
    (of words or the person speaking them) fluent and voluble but insincere and shallow./유창한, 말이 능숙한
  • Q2
    winsome (old English) (adj.)
    attractive or appealing in appearance or character./매력적인, 사랑스러운
    a statement asserting the existence or the truth of something/지지, 확인
    to treat (something or someone) with respect or seriousness/위엄있게 하다
    a place of refuge, protection, a sanctuary/피난처, 보호소
  • Q3
    contend (v.)
    the idea of something that is perfect; something one hopes to attain (but perhaps unrealistic)/이상
    characterized by a nightmarish society/패권을 행사하는
    to grow, flourish/번성하다
    to argue against; to claim/(주로 반대하며) 주장하다
  • Q4
    protagonist (n.)
    given to expressing yourself freely or insistently/자기 주장을 잘 하는
    cautiousness and watchfulness/경계심
    having no precedent; novel; never before seen/전례가 없는, 전에 없던
    the leading character in a novel, play, or other work; a leader or champion/주인공, 주역, 주인
  • Q5
    comport (old English) (v.)
    examination of one's own thoughts and feelings/자기 반성
    offense or annoyance./분개, 불쾌
    to conduct oneself; behave./행동하다, 처신하다
    widely and unfavorably known/악명 높은
  • Q6
    dilate (v.)
    a dreamer; someone with impractical goals or ideas about the future/공상가, 미래에 대한 비현실적인 목표나 아이디어를 가진 사람
    violent, noisy commotion; uproar; outbreak/1. 큰 소동, 소란 2. 폭동, 혼란
    to make larger; to become larger; to speak or write at length/넓히다, 팽창시키다
    a scarcity or lack of something./결핍, 부족
  • Q7
    tantalizing (adj.)
    the power of using one's will/의지
    excessive pride, arrogance/오만
    an original model or pattern/원형
    having something that arouses desire or interest/애타게 하는
  • Q8
    mordant (adj.)
    to estimate something as being lower, smaller, or of less value/~을 과소평가하다, ~을 경시하다
    expressing harsh criticism especially in a way that is funny/신랄한
    a social blunder; an embarrassing mistake; a faux pas/실수, 실수, 실수
    to ask (someone) in a serious and emotional way/간청하다, 요청하다
  • Q9
    perturb (v.)
    to harass; to surround/에워싸다, 포위하다; 괴롭히다
    to cause (someone) to be worried or upset/교란시키다
    originality or newness; a small, insignificant but interesting little object/새로움, 참신함; 작은 제품
    a concise statement/경구, 격언
  • Q10
    vex (old English) (v.)
    to be indecisive/주저하다, 망설이다
    of or relating to color or color phenomena or sensations/색의
    to annoy/성가시게 하다
    a small remainder of something/~의 흔적, 남겨진 파편
  • Q11
    accommodate (v.)
    provide lodging or sufficient space for/수용하다
    before/~하기 전에
    sickeningly sweet/달콤한
    skillful maneuvering; subtlety; craftiness/솜씨, 교묘한 기교, 술책, 책략, 예리함
  • Q12
    paramount (adj.)
    critical of others/다른 사람들을 비판하는
    to fail; to collapse; to sink/실패하다; 붕괴하다; 가라앉다
    the arrangement of dances/안무, 무용 작곡
    more important than anything else; supreme/최고의
  • Q13
    pseudo (adj.)
    the process of a seed starting to grow into a new plant/발아
    not real or genuine/가짜의
    an indirect reference to something or someone/암시
    to make a very serious or emotional request to (someone)/간청하다
  • Q14
    presentiment (n.)
    a party animal; a drunken reveler; a drunken revelry or orgy/취한 사람, 술잔을 기울이는 사람, 취한 파티
    the feeling that something (especially something bad) is about to happen/(특히 나쁜) 예감
    to support from collapsing (structure, belief)/~을 유지하다, 지탱하다
    n an emergency; an urgency/위급, 긴급함
  • Q15
    adept (adj.)
    the quality of being sensible, reasonable, valid/합리성, 멀쩡함, 견고함
    to make less or cause to appear less/줄이다
    not reciprocated; not given back in exchange/되돌려지지 않은, 답례를 받지 못한
    having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude/숙련된

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