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  • Q1
    verdant (adj.)
    to make less severe, serious, or painful/완화하다
    surpassing a common or expected level; excellent/우수한
    introduction; something that precedes something else/전주곡
    green in tint or color/푸른, 푸릇푸릇한
  • Q2
    unearth (v.)
    behaving or looking as though one thinks they are superior to others/거만한
    stridently loud; harsh; rowdy/시끄러운
    to bring to light; to reveal/~을 발견하다, ~을 밝히다
    an idea/아이디어, 생각
  • Q3
    pandemic (adj.)
    to make ashamed; to embarrass/당황스럽게 하다, 창피하게 하다
    something that is not prepared/즉흥의
    prevalent throughout a large area/전국적으로 유행하는
    belief or acceptance as true or valid/신용
  • Q4
    confine (v.)
    acceptance or openness to different views/관용, 허용
    lacking poetic beauty; commonplace/평범한
    to summarize briefly/요약하다, 짧게 말하다
    to keep or restrict someone or something within certain limits/한정하다
  • Q5
    populate (v.)
    ignorant; unenlightened/미개의, 문화가 뒤진, 무지몽매한
    to live in (a country, city, area, etc.); to make up the population of (a place)/거주시키다
    of or relating to money/통화의
    providing supplementary or additional help/부수적인, 보조의
  • Q6
    dormant (adj.)
    inactive (but usually capable of becoming active)/잠재해 있는, 활동하지 않는
    to conceal one's true motives, feelings, or beliefs./가장하다, 위장하다
    worried and uneasy; ceaselessly in motion/잠이 안 오는; 가만히 있지 못하는
    brazenness; audacity/뻔뻔스러운, 대담함
  • Q7
    nominal (adj.)
    showing love, particularly sexual/연애의, 사랑의
    forbidding; severe; gloomy/기분 나쁜, 가혹한
    deception, sleight of hand/마술, 솜씨
    existing in name only; very small/명목상의
  • Q8
    gravity (n.)
    a secret scheme; a crafty plot/음모, 계략
    seriousness/진지함, 위엄, 장중함; 중대함; 중력
    to make great efforts or work hard towards a goal or objective/노력하다
    lacking concern, emotion/무관심한, 냉담한
  • Q9
    expunge (v.)
    mysterious, puzzling/수수께끼 같은
    to erase; to eliminate any trace of/...을 지우다, 말살하다, 없애다; 멸종시키다, efface, excise
    the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles/정직, 무결성
    intended to correct or remedy/교정적인
  • Q10
    agriculture (n.)
    disease in plants; anything that injures or destroys/식물의 질병; 해를 입히거나 파괴하는 것
    lack of physical strength; quality of being easily damaged or destroyed/연약함, 여림
    farming/농업, 농경학
    to assign to a lower or less important position/강등시키다
  • Q11
    bacchanal (n.)
    sluggishness; inactivity; apathy/무기력; 활동 부족; 무관심
    to show, illustrate/(~를) 보여주다
    a party animal; a drunken reveler; a drunken revelry or orgy/취한 사람, 술잔을 기울이는 사람, 취한 파티
    having or showing knowledge of events before they take place/예지하는
  • Q12
    bandy (v.)
    gradually decreasing/서서히 줄어드는, 작아지는, 약해지는
    to get, gather, or put together as one whole/~을 수집하다, (따로 있던 것들을) 하나로 합치다
    a charming in a rustic way; naturally peaceful/전원시의, 목가적인, 한가로운
    to toss back and forth; to exchange/(공 따위를) 치고 받고하다, (타격, 말 따위를) 주고 받고하다
  • Q13
    devoid (adj.)
    lacking, empty/결여된, 비어있는
    to introduce a microorganism, serum, or vaccine into an organism in order to increase immunity to illness; to vaccinate/예방접종하다, 접종하다
    the process of coming into existence or becoming known/출현
    to hold the complete interest or attention of someone/전념하게 하다
  • Q14
    correlate (v.)
    fearless, adventurous/대담한
    to have a mutual relationship or connection/연관시키다
    a false or mistaken belief/오류, 허위
    having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgment; shrewd./현명한, 총명한
  • Q15
    prod (v.)
    not influenced or affected by something/면역의
    having or showing an excessive willingness to serve or please others./비천한, 굴종하는
    to push or poke against/찌르다, 누르다, 살짝 밀다
    a word made up of the initials of other words/머릿글자로 된 말(단어)

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