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  • Q1
    conjugal (adj.)
    to exchange things (such as products or services) for other thing/교환(하다)
    to get, develop, or come from something else/~에서 오다, ~에서 추론하다
    disastrous; desperate/무시무시한, 무서운; 비참한; 급박한, 긴급한; 지독한
    having to do with marriage/부부의, 혼인의
  • Q2
    access (n.)
    obligating, mandatory/의무적인
    the right or ability to approach, enter, or use/접근하는 권리나 능력
    united, well-integrated/응집력 있는
    ill-tempered; cranky, irritable, choleric/꽤 까다로운, 성마른
  • Q3
    temporal (adj.)
    relating to time or the material world as opposed to the spiritual realm/시간적인
    causing delay, procrastinating/게으른
    devoted to style, neatness, and fashion in dress and appearance/멋진, 훌륭한
    old; no longer in use or valid or fashionable; no longer in use/쓸모없게 된
  • Q4
    proclaim (v.)
    an a feeling of doubt that prevents you from accepting something wholeheartedly/주저하는 마음, 적극적이지 않게 하는 마음
    the quality of being true; something true/진실, 사실, 진리, 정확성
    having little substance; weak (in terms of connection or relation)/얇은, 가느다란; (연결이) 약한
    to announce; declare; make known/공언하다, 선언하다
  • Q5
    torpid (adj.)
    to suppose something is true without having evidence to confirm it/추측하다
    lethargic, dormant, lacking motion/기면한, 활기 없는
    present, appearing, or found everywhere/어디에나 존재하는
    immature, uninformed/초심자의, 어리석은
  • Q6
    founding (adj.)
    to float; to drift; to blow/[특히 공중을] 떠돌다, 흐르다, 부유하다
    relating to water/수생의, 수중의
    starting something for the first time; introducing something new/최초의, 원래의, 창립의
    chosen at will (usually without any real standards)/(내키는대로) 정해지거나 선택된
  • Q7
    apex (n.)
    the top or highest point of something/정점
    feeling of discomfort/걱정, 불안
    a sudden realization/깨달음
    a false name or identity/가명
  • Q8
    pathetic (adj.)
    quality of doing something easily with little effort/노력없이 무언가를 잘하는 성질
    a complicated network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one's way/미로
    causing feelings of sadness and sympathy/불쌍한, 애처로운
    you/너, 당신
  • Q9
    facility (n.)
    act of changing something or making it different/수정, 수선
    effortlessness; quality of doing something well easily/(무언가를 쉽게하는) 능력
    not liking to work or be active/나태한
    a concentrated outpouring of artillery fire, or of anything else/탄막; (질문 따위의) 연발, 연속
  • Q10
    facilitate (v.)
    pure; well-made; made better/정제된; 더 좋아진
    to make easier; to make something more likely to happen/~을 용이하게 하다, ~을 쉽게 하다
    similar in some respects (though perhaps not all)/~와 비슷한 점들이 있는
    patience, tolerance/관용, 참을성
  • Q11
    exuberant (adj.)
    full of energy, enthusiasm/풍부한, 열정적인
    excessive pride, arrogance/오만
    to fight in a violent way against the rule of a leader or government/저항하다
    being up to date on latest trends/유행을 따르는
  • Q12
    astute (adj.)
    marked by practical hardheaded intelligence/눈치 빠른, 교활한
    having absolute rule or power/권위주의의, 독재주의의
    to be fond of; to be attached to/~를 소중히 하다
    to defeat thoroughly; to overcome or subdue/완파하다
  • Q13
    motley (adj.)
    to form or compose/~을 구성하다
    extremely annoying or displeasing/짜증나게 하는
    to suggest that someone is guilty; bring an accusation against; level a charge against/~에게 죄를 씌우다, ~을 유죄로 만들다
    extremely varied or diverse; heterogeneous; multicolored/잡색의, 얼룩덜룩한; 혼성의, 다채로운
  • Q14
    extinction (n.)
    the death of all its remaining living members/소멸
    having a defect or a fault/결점 있는
    to attack/공격하다
    an object of obsessive reverence, attention, or interest/[나무, 돌과 같은] 신, 미신의 대상; 페티쉬의 대상물
  • Q15
    inept (adj.)
    lacking skill or competence/서투른
    plump; stocky; substantial/1. 뚱뚱한 2. 튼튼한
    to hit something and suddenly change direction/빗나가다
    a fatherly; fatherlike/아버지의, 아버지 같은

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