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D.SAT Week4. INT D-04

Quiz by 서브베테랑스

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40 questions
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  • Q1
    blatant (adj.)
    overly dramatic (usually exaggerated) / 지나치게 감정적인; 너무 오바하는
    conspicuously and offensively loud; with no attempt to conceal / 노골적인
    owing gratitude or recognition to another for help or favors / ~에게 감사하는, 은혜를 입은
    rival / 경쟁하는
  • Q2
    novelty (n.)
    a misportrayal; a public's wrongful idea regarding something / 오해, 잘못된 인식
    lack of physical strength; quality of being easily damaged or destroyed / 연약함, 여림
    originality or newness; a small, insignificant but interesting little object / 새로움, 참신함; 작은 제품
    emptiness; space containing nothing / 허공, 공허
  • Q3
    prominent (adj.)
    involving or likely to cause controversy or disagreement / 이견이 분분한
    possible; capable of being done / 실행 가능한
    conspicuous in position or importance / 눈에 띄는, 뚜렷한
    capable of being seen or noticed / 관찰 할 수 있는, 식별할 수 있는, 볼 수 있는
  • Q4
    chronicle (v.)
    to cause ~ / ~를 일으키다
    to a record or narrative description of past events / (과거 일들을) 순서대로 기록하다, 이야기하다
    to move skillfully through / 능숙하게 행동하다/움직이다
    to explain (the cause or origin of) / ~의 원인이나 유래를 설명하다
  • Q5
    unresolved (adj.)
    calm, peaceful / 조용한, 차분한, 침착한
    exhibiting confidence / 자신감에 찬
    recurring again and again / 반복적인
    not yet solved / 해결되지 못한, 결정되지 못한
  • Q6
    tolerate (v.)
    to stimulate, stir, or rouse / ~를 휘젓다, ~에 자극을 주다
    to serve as the inciting cause of; to urge on or encourage / ~에게 ~을 불러일으키다
    to say X is caused by Y / X의 원인이 Y라고 하다
    to allow or endure the presence of something unpleasant / ~을 참다, ~을 견디다
  • Q7
    scornful (adj.)
    appearing or developing early (usually intellectually) / 조숙한
    not firm in decision; unable to make decisions timely; not significant as to ultimately decide a result / 의지나 결정이 완고하지 않은; 결정/결단을 잘 못내리는; 그렇게 중요하거나 치명적이지 않아 최종 결론을 못내리는
    expressing extreme contempt / 경멸하는, 모욕하는, 업신여기는
    resentful; having ill-will or hostility / 분노에 찬, 분개하는
  • Q8
    exploit (v.)
    to cause to do through pressure or necessity, by physical, moral or intellectual means / ~에게 ~을 강요하다
    to use or manipulate to one's advantage / ~을 활용하다
    to make stronger (claim or strucuture); strengthen and support behaviors and beliefs with rewards / (믿음, 주장, 행동 등)~을 강화하다
    to look past and fail to notice / ~을 보지 못하다; 놓치다
  • Q9
    adhere (v.)
    to follow; to stick close to / ~을 따르다, ~에 붙다
    to use or utilize / 행사하다, 사용하다
    to get, gather, or put together as one whole / ~을 수집하다, (따로 있던 것들을) 하나로 합치다
    to explain (the cause or origin of) / ~의 원인이나 유래를 설명하다
  • Q10
    repressed (adj.)
    anxious about an uncertain future; having opposing or conflicting elements in balance / 긴장된; 긴장된 (상반된 것들의 대립이 있는, 혹은 어떤 불안이나 우려로 인한)
    clearly true, obvious / 명백한
    causing momentary shock or alarm / 당황하게 하는, 충격을 주는
    showing the suppression of impulses or emotions / 억압받는
  • Q11
    qualification (n.)
    the quality of being direct and outspoken; without sharpness or clearness of edge or point / 무뚝뚝함, 직접적임, 솔직함; 뭉툭함
    a plan set in motion; willingness to start ventures / (주로 뭔가를 시작하는) 계획; (무언가를 시작하는) 의지
    a statement that limits or restricts some claim / 조건
    the quality of being direct and outspoken; without sharpness or clearness of edge or point / 무뚝뚝함, 직접적임, 솔직함; 뭉툭함
  • Q12
    attuned (adj.)
    aware of; accustomed to / ~에 적응한, ~에 대해 잘 인식하는
    strong and active physically or mentally / 활기찬, 힘찬, 활력이 넘치는
    fun, arousing laughter or pleasure (usually insignificant) / 즐거운, 재밌는 (그러나 하찮은)
    based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence / 추측성의
  • Q13
    designation (n.)
    unbiased impartial unconcern; the trait of lacking enthusiasm for or interest in things generally; the trait of remaining calm and seeming not to care; a casual lack of concern; apathy demonstrated by an absence of emotional reactions / 평범함, 범용함, 보통
    inequality or difference; gap / 차이; 격차
    term for something; the act of identifying or naming something / 지정, (지정된) 명칭
    quality of being widespread / 널리 퍼짐, 지배적인
  • Q14
    suffrage (n.)
    legal right to vote / 투표권, 선거권, 참정권
    thinking, creation (of an idea) / 생각; 어떤 아이디어의 탄생
    a middle ground between two extremes / 타협
    an antiquity that has survived from the distant past; something of sentimental value / 유물; 감정적인 가치가 있는 물품
  • Q15
    impediment (n.)
    the baby of an organism / (동물의) 새끼
    something that makes progress difficult / 방해물, 방해
    lack of physical strength; quality of being easily damaged or destroyed / 연약함, 여림
    predictions about the future; images that display to the front / 투영, 투사

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