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DSC Foundations: De-Escalation Revisited

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  • Q1

    Angelo, from Angelo's Italian Bistro, calls in for assistance with a tax penalty. Right off the bat, Angelo is upset because he has been waiting on the phone for 30 minutes to speak with a representative. What steps will you take to de-escalate the call? Sort the options into Do or Do Not.

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  • Q2

    Maurice calls in upset because his invoice went up  by $62 for the payroll he just ran. He was informed that his discount was going to decrease, but he feels that the invoice should not have increased by so much. Which skill will you use to de-escalate the client in this scenario?

    Repeat Maurice's concern

    Reassure Maurice that you will look into his issue

    Inform Maurice that you can reduce the cost of his invoice

    Apologize to Maurice for the inconvenience
  • Q3

    Amy calls in upset because she sent in a garnishment order that got set up on the incorrect employee. She needs this issue corrected immediately. What is the best option to de-escalate the client in this scenario?

    Reassure Amy that you will look into the issue

    Transfer to the dedicated specialist

    Apologize and offer options to resolve the issue

    Confirm that she has already run a payroll

  • Q4

    While attempting to assist Carlos with an issue he is unhappy with, he mentions that he is looking to switch his business to another payroll provider. What step will you take? Sort into Do or Do Not.

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  • Q5

    Which behaviors should you avoid while assisting clients to help avoid escalating a client call? Sort into Do or Avoid

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