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Dynamic measure power Bi

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  • Q1
    1. What DAX function is primarily used to select measures dynamically from a slicer in Power BI?
    SWITCH(TRUE(), ...)
  • Q2
    2. In the context of dynamic measures in Power BI, what does the SELECTEDVALUE() function return?
    The sum of all values in a column.
    The selected value from a slicer.
    The average of selected values.
    The total count of selected values.
  • Q3
    3. Which of the following is NOT a necessary step when setting up dynamic measures in Power BI?
    Defining measures to be dynamically selected.
    Creating a slicer based on the measures table.
    Creating a calculated table for measures.
    Importing data from external sources.
  • Q4
    4. How is the 'Measure Table' concept used in implementing dynamic measures in Power BI?
    To organize measures for selection through a slicer.
    As a filter for data visualization.
    To enhance data import efficiency.
    To calculate dynamic totals.
  • Q5
    5. What is the role of the SWITCH() function in creating dynamic measures?
    To evaluate multiple conditions and return corresponding measures.
    To toggle between different data sources.
    To switch visualization types dynamically.
    To convert text measures into numeric values.
  • Q6
    6. When using dynamic measures, what type of table is recommended to create for the slicer?
    A calculated table.
    A linked table from another data source.
    A manually entered data table.
    An automatically generated table by Power BI.
  • Q7
    7. What potential issue should be addressed when implementing dynamic measures through slicers?
    Visualizations not updating in real-time.
    Performance impact due to complex DAX expressions.
    Incorrect data type conversions.
    Data source connectivity issues.
  • Q8
    8. Which Power BI feature is essential for connecting slicers to dynamic measures effectively?
    Data Analysis Expressions (DAX).
    Power Query Editor.
    Advanced Data Modeling.
  • Q9
    9. How does the SELECTEDVALUE() function handle situations where no value is selected in the slicer?
    It generates an error.
    It can return a default value specified as its second argument.
    It returns a null value.
    It selects all values by default.
  • Q10
    10. What advanced DAX concept is often paired with dynamic measures to enhance analytical capabilities in Power BI?
    Calculation groups.
    Time intelligence functions.
    Aggregation functions.
    Hierarchies in data modeling.

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