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Early Influences of Rome

Quiz by Derek Orme

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    The Romans adapted the cuniculus from the Etruscans. A cuniculus is
    Question Image
    an underground irrigation system.
    a machine that sharpens knives.
    a tool that plows and waters crops.
    a stone supported by two pillars.
  • Q2
    The Romans learned about Greek culture when
    Question Image
    the Greeks invaded Rome multiple times.
    the Etruscans and Greeks became alliances.
    the Greeks and Romans joined together.
    Greek colonists established towns in Italy.
  • Q3
    After adapting the arch and the cuniculus, the Romans
    Question Image
    became better engineers than the Etruscans.
    took a majority of the Etruscan's customers.
    sold the Etruscans more advanced versions.
    illegally copied the Etruscans' inventions.
  • Q4
    In Roman sporting events, thousands of slaves died fighting for public entertainment as
    Question Image
  • Q5
    The Romans adapted slave fighting from the Etruscans. Slave fighting involved two slaves
    Question Image
    of a dead master fighting with swords and small shields to the death.
    having a hunting competition so that their masters did not have to hunt.
    participating in a relay race, in which the loser was publically executed.
    wrestling each other, and ended with the winner being granted freedom.
  • Q6
    What was the Romans' response to the Greek's marble temples and columns?
    Question Image
    The Romans constructed exact replicas of various Greek religious temples.
    The Romans often publically mocked the Greek's temples and columns.
    The Romans became competitive with the Greeks about building better temples.
    The Romans incorporated the Greek's design into their own public buildings.

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