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Earth Systems

Quiz by Jennifer Griffin

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  • Q1
    Which layer of the Earth is represented by Letter C?
    Question Image
    Inner Core
    Outer Core
  • Q2
    Which layer of the Earth is represented by Letter B?
    Question Image
    outer core
    inner core
  • Q3
    Which layer of Earth is divided into plates?
    outer core
    inner core
  • Q4
    _________________ move through the rock material by causing particles in the rock to vibrate at right angles to the direction in which the waves are moving.
    Secondary Waves
    Primary Waves
    Surface Waves
    Light Waves
  • Q5
    Tectonic plate movement is caused by
    convection currents in the mantle
    oceanic plates drifting
    conduction in the mantle
    movement in the inner core
  • Q6
    Pangaea was a ___________ that included the 7 continents that we know today. _____________ movement eventually led to Pangaea breaking apart and forming the continents that we know today.
    super continent; plate
    environment; ocean
    super continent; ocean
    ocean; plate
  • Q7
    Where are earthquakes and volcanoes most often located?
    center of continents
    edges of continents
    edges of crustal plates
    center of crustal plates
  • Q8
    What is the basic composition of Earth’s core?
    Both the inner core and outer core are solid
    The solid inner core surrounded by a liquid outer core
    Both the inner core and outer core are liquid
    The liquid inner core surrounded by a solid outer core
  • Q9
    Which best describes Earth’s crust?
    It is located between the outer and inner core.
    It is stationary and unable to move.
    It is thicker than the mantle and the core.
    It is composed of oceanic and continental plates.
  • Q10
    The activity that occurs along the Ring of Fire is most likely due to:
    Temperature differences in the atmosphere
    Movement along plate boundaries
    Volcanoes erupting
    The Pacific Ocean’s harsh environment
  • Q11
    What is the best description of primary waves?
    Waves that cause rock particles to vibrate
    Waves that travel through a vacuum
    Waves that are the slowest, largest, and cause the most destruction
    Waves that travel the fastest and cause rock material to move back and forth
  • Q12
    Which most likely occurs when two continental plates are pushed together?
    The plates will break into pieces.
    The plates will stop moving.
    The plates will form a mountain.
    The plates will form a trench
  • Q13
    Earthquakes are more damaging to structures closest to the
    longitudinal wave.
    seismic edge.
    most porous rock.
  • Q14
    What is the best explanation for why the inner core of Earth is solid metal?
    The inner core is composed of materials that remain solid at incredibly high temperatures.
    None of these are correct.
    The immense pressure of the weight of Earth prevents it from melting.
    The inner core is too cold to melt.
  • Q15
    A break in rock along which the ground has moved on either side is:
    a fault
    an anticline
    a sinkhole
    a syncline

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