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ECM Hometown Trivia

Quiz by Brunch and Learn 2020

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    1) Once met a moose on my way walking to school. 2) I grew up a place where you can go swimming in the summertime, and ice skating wintertime at the same ocean/beach spot. 3) The city has been an Olympic host city.
    Ola Heum
    Chris Leisgang
    Wil Grady
    Andy Chung
  • Q2
    1) Has the tallest building in the world. 2) Is made up almost entirely by shopping malls and hotels. One shopping mall even has an indoor ski slope. 3) Does not actually make most of its money from oil.
    Timur Tufail
    Tamara Rodriguez
    Henry Kuo
    Adriene Luck
  • Q3
    1) the main street is one block long; 2) the big town event is a Fall Festival each year; 3) up until a few years ago, they had a soda fountain in the Pharmacy that served the best root beer Buckner, MO
    John McNamara
    Betty Eastin
    David Cox
    Tony Blakemore
  • Q4
    1) From the turn of the century and through the 1920's, the area was famed for its production of flowers, vegetables, berries, and fruits. 2) Montebello (Italian for "beautiful mountain") 3) The discovery of oil by Standard Oil Company on the Anita Baldwin property in 1917 brought about a revolutionary change to Montebello
    Selina Mak
    Lucy Escobar
    David Coher
    Duke Lam
  • Q5
    1) The city is build on Sand Dunes. 2) The weather is worth living here; it never gets too hot or too cold in this city 3) Residential prices in this city are among the highest in California
    Mark Irwin
    Caroline Pespisa
    Michele Walker
    Tim Basalone
  • Q6
    1) I got stuck climbing up the steep red rocks at the Garden of the Gods national park. 2) Riding motorcycles and snowmobiles was a regular activity. 3) It's not as snowy and cold as everyone thinks, in fact it gets over 300 days of sunshine per year.
    James Barbour
    Nathan Badge
    Daniel Wu
    Veanet Martin
  • Q7
    1) No indoor plumbing (yes, that means outhouse for toilet) 2) The monetary unit is "leu" which means lion. However the lion animal was never printed on the money. 3) Everyone made "Tsuica" plum moonshine. Alcohol consumption is bout 14 liters per person per year on average (UK average is 11 liters per person per year).
    Loic Gaillac
    Cristina Bowen
    Alishan Mansourian
    Lynette Chiabai

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