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ECM Level 3

Quiz by Zenia Chng

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    An unknown solid dissolves completely when placed in a beaker of ethanol. The beaker turned blue. What type of mixture is this?
    A solution
    A suspension
    I can’t tell
  • Q2
    Iron filing and sulfur powder were mixed together. When heated, a black substance was produced. When a magnet is placed near it, there was no visible observation. What can you tell about this substance?
    It is a compound
    It is a mixture
    It is an element
    I can’t tell
  • Q3
    Aqueous bromine when passed through electricity, had no visible reaction. Upon filtering or carrying out distillation, there were also no residue found on the filter paper, or any distillate collected. What type of substance is bromine?
    A compound
    an element
    A suspension
    A solution
  • Q4
    An excess of solid magnesium oxide was added to a beaker of hydrochloric acid. Magnesium chloride and water was produced. What type of mixture was obtained?
    A suspension
    I can’t tell
    A solution

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