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Economics Review

Quiz by Kimberly Phillips-Hoyle

Grade 6
Social Studies
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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11 questions
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  • Q1

    Free Enterprise system depends on what to determine how much to produce?

    Supply and Demand

    Per Capita GDP

    Goods and Services

    Government Demand

  • Q2

    According to the chart, which statement is NOT true?

    Question Image

    The farming, fishing, forestry industry grew by 30% millions between 1940 and 2009

    The service industry grew in size to become the largest industry by 2009

    The creative industries rose from 15 million to 40 million between 1940 and 2009

    Manufacturing and related industries dipped from 30 million to 25 million between 1980 and 2009

  • Q3

    According to the information on the chart, which of these economies is the least advanced?

    Question Image





  • Q4

    Based on the information, the type of economy a society has is largely based on which of the following factors?

    Question Image

    The amount of government involvement

    The amount of consumers

    The wants and needs to its people

    The amount of resources at its disposal

  • Q5

    ​In which economy does the government decide what goods and services to make?

    Command Economy

    Free Market Economy

    Mixed Economy

    Traditional Economy

  • Q6

    In which economy does the government make all the rules?

    Mixed Economy

    Command Economy

    Free Market Economy

    Traditional Economy

  • Q7

    In what kind of economy can producers decide what goods and services to make and what to charge?

    Market Economy

    Mixed Economy

    Command Economy

    Traditional Economy

  • Q8

    In what economy does the government control all resources, means of production, and services?

    Free Market

    Communist Economy

    Free Enterprise

    Entrepreneur Economy

  • Q9

    When does the government have control of the country's economy?

    Entrepreneurs decide the productions and distribution of goods

    The market decides the production and distribution of goods

    The government decides the production and distribution of goods

    Traditional society decides the production and distribution of goods

  • Q10

    Factors of production are decided by what?


    Economic Systems



  • Q11

    Cash crops are sold to do what?

    Make a profit for the farmers

    Feed society based on government decisions

    Benefit the government

    Feed the farmer's family


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