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Ecosystem Review 1

Quiz by Cynthia Stallings

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Which best describes what makes one ecosystem different from another?
    the amount of animals, oxygen, plant life, and pollution
    the amount of sunlight, rainfall, temperature, and species type
    the amount of carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, and soil
    the amount of soil, water, buildings, and humans
  • Q2
    Which best explains why tropical rain forests always have warm temperatures?
    They are near the Equator.
    A canopy of trees traps heat.
    The many animals produce heat.
    They are at low altitudes.
  • Q3
    Which is most accurate in describing an estuary ecosystem?
    Freshwater mixes with saltwater to provide a nutrient-rich environment.
    Animals and plants compete for food due to pollution from surrounding areas.
    High salt levels keep the water clear of nutrients and proteins.
    Cold water mixes with saltwater to create a cooling effect that encourages growth.
  • Q4
    Which statement best compares a pond ecosystem to a lake ecosystem?
    A pond ecosystem usually has more organisms.
    A pond ecosystem usually receives less sunlight.
    A pond ecosystem is usually more shallow.
  • Q5
    Compared to the large number of plant species in a forest ecosystem, which best explains why a desert ecosystem is unable to support a greater variety of plants?
    There are fewer animals in a desert, which decreases the need for a large variety of plants.
    There is not enough space available in a desert ecosystem for some plant varieties to grow.
    Most plants that live in a desert ecosystem must be able to conserve water for long periods of time.
    A desert ecosystem is located too high above sea level for most plants to grow.
  • Q6
    Which best describes both marshes and swamps?
    Most of the plants in marshes are grasses. most of the plants in swamps are trees.
    Most of the plants in marshes and swamps are trees.
    Most of the plants in marshes are trees. Most of the plants in swamps are grasses.
    Most of the plants in marshes and swamps are grasses.
  • Q7
    Which is true of the tropical rain forest?
    The tree canopy causes only a small amount of sunlight to reach the ground.
    They are found only in South America.
    Each organism found in a rain forest can also be found in a deciduous forest.
    Only a few different species of plants and animals can be found there.
  • Q8
    Which are the most common ecosystems in North Carolina?
    estuary, grassland, rainforest
    grassland, ocean, temperate forest
    deciduous forest, ocean, desert
    deciduous forest, estuary, ocean
  • Q9
    Screech owls nest in holes in trees. They eat mice and crickets. Where would a screech owl most likely live?
    a forest
    a desert
    a rainforest
    a beach
  • Q10
    Which best describes a desert during the day?
    cold and wet
    hot and dry
    hot and wet
    cold and dry

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