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EDCI 4840 final

Quiz by Sierra Murphy

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  • Q1





  • Q2

    A history project has multiple steps that will take several class periods to complete. Which directions provide the best detail for the student to be able to successfully complete the project?

    A written list of requirements and the due date.

    A rubric written by the teacher with specific details of requirements for each phase of the project and expected due dates for each phase.

    A directions page with an accompanying example

    A verbal presentation of the teachers expectations at the beginning of each class period.

  • Q3

    Which of the following is the best way to increase a students engagement in learning?

    Incorporating their prior knowledge and experiences.

    Showing a video that relates to the topic/lesson.

    Explaining the importance of the topic/lesson.

    Incorporating pop culture references.

  • Q4

    Constructive feedback will look very different, depending on the age of the student. Which of the following forms of feedback does not match the age of the student?

    The 6th grade speech teacher provided an opportunity for his students to do 1-minute impromptu speeches on any subject of their choice. After each performance,  the teacher proceeds to compliment the student but not provide constructive criticism about the delivery of the impromptu speech.

    The 8th grade history teacher gives students ample feedback based on their written reports about the Great Depression.

    The 12th grade dance teacher provides detailed notes on areas of improvement for a student after her practice for a solo performance. 

    The 11th grade math teacher discusses possible mistakes that were made in the process of solving a problem that was a challenge to the student. 

  • Q5

    A flexible teacher would not do which of the following?

    Capitalize on a unexpected learning opportunity. 

    Change a due date as they notice many students are not on track to be finished on time.

    Cut out important content from a lesson to stay on schedule.

    Continue the lesson the next class period as it had a concept that students struggled with.

  • Q6

    When creating questions, what should a teacher use to determine the types of questions asked?

    Individual Research

    The Textbook

    Youtube Videos

    Lesson Objectives

  • Q7

    What nonverbal cue communicates energy and engagement to the class?  

    Standing in front of the class, facing the students, and gesturing while giving a lecture

    Looking outside your window

    Sitting at your desk and staring at your computer screen

    Lecturing while keeping your eyes on your notes or the Power Point slide

  • Q8

    Pacing lessons is important because...

    You want to get through as much of the content as possible without leaving students behind and confused

    You want time to rest and do nothing

    You want lessons to move at a snail's pace

    You want to finish every lesson as quickly as you can

  • Q9

    A student of yours gave a solid presentation but struggled with voice projection. How would you give constructive criticism?

    Tell the student that their voice projection was bad and they need to do better to succeed

    Commend the student's presentation and give suggestions for voice projection practice

    Assign voice projection practice to the whole class

    Just tell the student they did a fantastic job

  • Q10

    You worked real hard on a lesson plan about the Civil War, but a lot of the class appears confused about the reasons for the War? What is the best course of action?

    Ask students where they are getting confused and tweak the lesson accordingly

    Just push through, the students will eventually get it

    Throw the lesson plan out the window and teach the lesson from scratch

    Restart the lesson and slow it down

  • Q11

    Before teaching a class, what should the teacher keep in mind before and while communicating?

    The spoken and written language that is appropriate to students’ ages, interests, and backgrounds.

    That the vocabulary used is challenging for the students in order to help grow their vocabulary.

  • Q12

    Teachers should create...

    all of the answers listed are correct

    Lessons that relate to students interests

    lessons with a clearly defined structure around which activities organized

    a classroom where the environment fosters learning

  • Q13

    What expectations should a teacher set for student learning?

    Low expectations

    High expectations

    Average expectations

  • Q14

    How might a teacher be flexible? 

    By using a completely new lesson when the students struggled with one section .

    By sticking to their original lesson regardless of student engagement.

    By using alternative instructional approaches, ongoing adjustment to instruction, and responds to various situations. 

  • Q15

    Mr. Marks wants to create a class-wide research project for his third-grade class about the school's water usage and how the school can conserve their resources. As he discusses the project, the students become excited about being able to research various aspects of the school. Mr. Marks decides to split the class into small groups with each group coming up with ideas to implement the research.

    Which of the following is the most important advantage of incorporating student input into the planning of the project?

    It allows students to recognize their own academic needs regarding research techniques.

    It allows Mr. Marks more time to plan instructional units of future instruction.

    It encourages the parents to assist their child in the learning process.

    It allows students to help structure and determine their own learning.


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