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Effective Teaching

Quiz by Brijesh Das

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    The most important role of the teacher is the facilitation of learning.
  • Q2
    Asking questions and restating the ideas to discover someone's message through verbal
    Passive listening
    Assertive communication
    Active listening
  • Q3
    What is a mixed message?
    Using multiple forms of media to learn
    People up to date in their knowledge and skills
    When there's a discrepancy between verbal/nonverbal messages
    Determining how much a student or class has learned
  • Q4
    A teacher's knowledge base should be appropriate in scope and depth for the level taught
  • Q5
    The conflict resolution model includes all of the following except:
    Identify various alternatives
    Sticking with the chosen alternative
    Find out what each person wants
    Choosing the best alternative
  • Q6
    Define ethics:
    People’s standard of behavior
    Conduct based on moral principles
    People committed to staying up to date in their knowledge
    The process of bringing agreement between an argument
  • Q7
    Today’s teachers need to
    Be the one point contact for information
    Facilitate information access
    Make information complex and therefore make them indispensable
    Keep information to themselves
  • Q8
    What is a lifelong learner?
    A process of learning using multiple forms of media
    A person who creates situations that help students learn
    Someone who expresses thoughts, and ideas in respectful ways
    Someone staying up to date in their knowledge and skills
  • Q9
    What does NOT make a positive relationship
    Being an active listener
    Using assertive communication
    Taking ownership of the relationship
    Having a chain of command
  • Q10
    To be able to see the big picture is a professional quality of a teacher

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