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Effects of Anger


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  • Q1
    1. Which is NOT an observed change in our body when we get angry?
    Our heart beats faster.
    Our shoulders become stiff.
    Our face turns red.
    Our breathing becomes slow.
  • Q2
    2. In the sentence, “Changes occur in our body,” which of the following words is a synonym for the word occur?
  • Q3
    3. Why do people sometimes feel guilty for being angry?
    Anger may hurt others.
    Anger may cause us to create positive change in the world.
    Anger is not a feeling you should show to other people.
    Anger may cause us to be motivated to act on something.
  • Q4
    4. Which of these actions is based on anger as a positive form of expression?
    focusing on what is wrong
    identifying the root of the problem
    saying hurtful words
    keeping our emotions bottled up inside of us
  • Q5
    5. Which of these actions are based on anger as a form of motivation?
    asking the person we are angry at to think of how the problem can be resolved
    kicking a chair aside and screaming out loud
    giving the person that we are angry at the silent treatment
    seeking the help of a third person to side with you
  • Q6
    6. What is one benefit of feeling angry?
    It provides a form of exercise for our heart and blood vessels.
    It serves as a signal that something is not right.
    It prepares us for future occasions that we might feel angry.
    It changes how our mind works.
  • Q7
    7. In the selection, what is the meaning of the word "challenge?"
    It refers to a task that is different
    It refers to a task that is assigned to us.
    It refers to a task that is new.
    It refers to a task that is difficult to do.
  • Q8
    8. In the selection, which trait would be most helpful when trying to use our anger in a positive way?
    being obedient
    being thoughtful
    being honest
    being hardworking

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