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ELA 8 Final Exam Review

Quiz by Megan Dreffs

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18 questions
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  • Q1
    Under which genre does "Dark They Were, and Golden-eyed" fall?
    informational text
    science fiction
    realistic fiction
    historical fiction
  • Q2
    Under which genre does the database article "Mobile Devices and their Place in the Classroom" fall?
    argumentative text
    informational text
    historical fiction
    realistic fiction
  • Q3
    Under which genre does "The Treasure of Lemon Brown" fall?
    informational text
    historical fiction
    realistic fiction
    argumentative text
  • Q4
    Which step of the context clues strategy is missing: read, look, think, ___________, check
  • Q5
    Who or what is the antagonist to the Bittering family?
  • Q6
    In regards to "Dark They Were, and Golden-eyed," which science fiction content best matches?
    space exploration and colonization
    advanced technology
    parallel worlds
    alien invasion/contact
  • Q7
    Which transitional word or phrase would indicate a concluding statement?
    To explain
    In addition
    As a result
  • Q8
    Which is the best thesis statement for an essay that answers the question "Why is Mrs. DiOrio the best principal?"
    I think Mrs. DiOrio is a phenomenal principal who always puts the students first, listens to the concerns of her teachers, and is available to talk to parents.
    Mrs. DiOrio is a great, dedicated principal in Saint Johns, Michigan for the students of Saint Johns Middle School, also working with the assistant principal, Doctor Daniel Kemsley.
    Mrs. DiOrio is an excellent principal of Saint Johns Middle School as she constantly reads the latest research on education, works tirelessly to provide enriching experiences, and treats all students with respect.
    Mrs. DiOrio is a wonderful principal at Saint Johns Middle School. She works hard, is kind, and constantly learns the newest trends in education to best support all of the students.
  • Q9
    Which parenthetical citation would be correct based on this full citation: Schouten, Lucy. "Why a Four-Day School Week Means Higher Math Scores." Christian Science Monitor, 15 Sep. 2015. SIRS Issues Researcher,
    "New studies on education - and school budget shortfalls - are challenging school districts to rethink the standard five-day-a-week schedule" ("Why a Four-Day School Week Means Higher Math Scores").
    "New studies on education - and school budget shortfalls - are challenging school districts to rethink the standard five-day-a-week schedule (Schouten)."
    "New studies on education - and school budget shortfalls - are challenging school districts to rethink the standard five-day-a-week schedule" (Schouten).
    "New studies on education - and school budget shortfalls - are challenging school districts to rethink the standard five-day-a-week schedule." (Schouten).
  • Q10
    Which type of lead is being used in the following example: The author explains that "The shift toward a shorter school week comes at the same time as a push to decrease elementary homework" (Schouten).
    run on quote
    dialogue quote
    flow quote
    colon quote
  • Q11
    What type of evidence is shown here: Only math scores improved as shown in the study, which looks only at one small school (Schouten).
    direct quote
    parenthetical citation
    MLA format
  • Q12
    Based on the quote "'Our results ... were completely opposite to what we anticipated,' Walker said. 'We thought that especially for the younger, elementary school kids, longer days on a shorter school week would hurt their academic performance because their attention spans are shorter,'" what is the best explanation of its meaning?
    The researchers found out that they were wrong because the longer days actually had a positive impact on the academic performance of the children.
    The young children have a short attention span, which is why the researchers anticipated that the longer school days would be best.
    The researchers found that the study proved the opposite of their hypothesis, showing that a longer school day would not have a negative impact on the academic performance of the young children.
    The young children performed really well with longer days in a shorter week despite having short attention-spans.
  • Q13
    Which piece of evidence best supports the claim that the voting age should not be lowered to the age of 16 because children of this age would be too immature?
    "A 16-year-old can get married, join the army and ride a moped, but not buy alcohol, give blood or hold a driving licence" ("Leave Them Kids Alone").
    "So maybe we should raise the voting age to 25, an age at which, one fervently hopes, some degree of maturity will have set in" (Reynolds).
    "For all that young people appear to grow up ever faster, a 16-year-old is, nonetheless, still very much a child. . . .The proposal to lower the voting age is not only ill-advised, then, it is also incoherent" ("Leave Them Kids Alone").
    " . . . it would be fine to lower the voting age to 16, as long as we also treat 16- and 17-year-olds as adults in other areas as well -- running for office (the California Assembly permits 18-year-olds to run for office), going to jail, joining the military" (Shi).
  • Q14
    What is the best definition for mood?
    How the audience feels when reading a drama aloud
    How the writer feels when writing something
    How the reader feels when reading something
    How a certain color makes you feel when you enter a new space
  • Q15
    What is the best definition of a metaphor?
    A reference to someone or something else that the author expects the reader to understand
    The use of words that mimic the sounds that they create, helping to add to the imagery
    Comparing two unlike things, without using a linking word
    Comparing two unlike things, while using a linking word

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