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Electricity, Conductors, & Insulators

Quiz by Charlotte Young

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    All of the objects below are conductors of electricity EXCEPT
    Question Image
    a rubber band
    an aluminum nail
    a steel fork
    a copper penny
  • Q2
    Students hooked up a battery and bulb with wires as shown. For the bulb to light, the object the students place in the space between the two wires must be –
    Question Image
    at room temperature
    an electrical insulator
    a conductor of electricity
    made of plastic or wood
  • Q3
    Students attached a coil of wire to a battery. When they placed a compass in the coil of wire they observed the needle move. Why does the needle on the compass move when placed in the coil of wire? The compass needle moves because the flow of electricity –
    Question Image
    is generated by a battery
    causes the wire to heat up
    flows in only one direction
    generates a magnetic field
  • Q4
    The illustration shows a circuit with a battery, a bulb and an open switch, all connected with wires. This electric circuit can be completed by –
    Question Image
    cutting the wires
    reversing the battery
    unscrewing the light bulb
    closing the switch
  • Q5
    When electricity flows in a complete path, it can produce which of the following?
    solar power
    nuclear energy
    a gravitational pull
    a magnetic field
  • Q6
    A flashlight produces light energy by using which of the following types of energy from batteries?
    Question Image
  • Q7
    An object produces sound because it –
    absorbs heat from water
    causes air to vibrate
    generates electrical energy
    reflects light from the Sun
  • Q8
    What type of energy is used in an oven to bake a cake?
    Sound energy
    Thermal energy
    Mechanical energy
    Light energy
  • Q9
    This boy is using a bow and arrow. What form of energy does a bow and arrow demonstrate?
    Question Image
    Sound energy
    Mechanical energy
    Electrical energy
    Thermal energy
  • Q10
    All of the following objects are used to produce heat or light energy EXCEPT –

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