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  • Q1

    When a magnet is suspended and free to rotate, where does its north pole point?

    Towards the Earth's magnetic north pole

    Towards the Earth's magnetic south pole

    Towards the geographic south pole

    Towards the geographic north pole

  • Q2

    How does electromagnetic induction occur?

    When a changing magnetic field passes through a wire, it induces an electric current in the wire.

    When a magnet moves near a wire, it generates an electric current in the wire.

    When an electric current passes through a wire, it generates a magnetic field.

    When electric charges accumulate on a conductor, they create a magnetic field.

  • Q3

    Which device converts electrical energy into mechanical energy?

    Electric generator

    Induction coil

    Electric motor


  • Q4

    What is the basic principle behind the operation of an electric motor?

    Electromagnetic induction

    Electromagnetic radiation

    Electric resistance

    Magnetic repulsion

  • Q5

    What is the main difference between an AC generator and a DC generator?

    AC generators operate on batteries, while DC generators operate on external power sources.

    AC generators produce more energy than DC generators.

    AC generators produce alternating current, while DC generators produce direct current.

    AC generators use a commutator, while DC generators use slip rings.

  • Q6

    The strength of the magnetic field produced by a current-carrying wire depends on:

    resistance of the wire

    Length of the wire

    Voltage across the wire

    Current flowing through the wire

  • Q7

    What happens to the direction of the induced current when the orientation of the magnet or coil is reversed?

    The induced current becomes weaker.

    The induced current remains the same.

    The induced current becomes stronger.

    The induced current changes direction.

  • Q8

    A generator can be turned into a motor by:

    Increasing the strength of the magnetic field

    Increasing the speed of rotation

    Changing the direction of the current

    Increasing the voltage supply

  • Q9

    The strength of an electromagnet can be increased by:

    Decreasing the number of turns in the coil

    Using a soft iron core inside the coil

    Decreasing the current passing through the coil

    Increasing the resistance of the wire

  • Q10

    What type of magnet is induced when electricity flows through a coil of wire?

    Permanent magnet

    Magnetic field


    Temporary magnet

  • Q11

    A solenoid with more turns of wire produces

    A weaker magnetic field

    A stronger magnetic field

    No change in the magnetic field strength

    Electromagnetic radiation

  • Q12

    What happens to the strength of the magnetic field inside a solenoid when the current passing through it is increased?

    The magnetic field strength increases

    The magnetic field strength decreases

    The magnetic field strength remains the same

    The magnetic field becomes non-uniform

  • Q13

    Which of the following materials is most commonly used as a core for electromagnets?





  • Q14

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