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Electronic Device Care

Quiz by April Hoy

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  • Q1
    What should you do if your electronic device gets wet?
    Leave it outside to dry
    Turn it off and take it to an adult
    Keep using it
    Put it in the microwave
  • Q2
    How should you handle your electronic device to avoid dropping it?
    Balance it on one finger
    Throw it in the air
    Carry it with your teeth
    Hold it with both hands
  • Q3
    Why is it important to keep your electronic devices away from water?
    Water helps clean electronic devices
    Water makes electronic devices work better
    Water can damage electronic devices
    Water has no effect on electronic devices
  • Q4
    Why is it important to store your electronic devices in a safe place when not in use?
    To protect them from getting damaged or broken
    To make them easier to find
    To show them off to friends
    To keep them warm
  • Q5
    Why is it important to handle your electronic devices with clean hands?
    To give the device a nice scent
    To perform a magic trick with the device
    To make the device look shiny
    To avoid transferring dirt and oils to the device
  • Q6
    Where should you take your device if it needs repair?
    To the art room.
    To the library.
    To the gym.
    To the office.
  • Q7
    Why is it important to keep your computer charged?
    So you can get right to learning!
    The computer likes it better.
    I disagree. I should keep it at 0% charged.
    Because my teacher said so.

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