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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Dry Chemical (ABC) Fire Extinguishers used for
    Electrical Class B fires
    cloth Class C fires
    grease Class A fires
    foam Class A, B and C fires
  • Q2
    Water fire extinguishers are used for
    Flammable Liquids such as Petrol
    Cooking Oils & FATS
    Wood , Paper , Clothes , and Solids
    Fires in Electrical Equipment.
  • Q3
    The three elements of the fire triangle are :
    Fuel – wood - Water
    Fuel – Oxygen - Heat
    Water – Oxygen - Heat
    Fuel – Oxygen - Water
  • Q4
    The correct order of procedure in using a fire extinguisher is :
    Pull – Aim – Squeeze – Sweep.
    Sweep – Squeeze – Pull – Aim.
    Pull – Aim – Sweep – Squeeze .
    Aim- Pull – Squeeze – Sweep.
  • Q5
    The function of Resistor is
    To reduce flow of current
    To amplify the signal
    To store electrical energy
    To magnetic energy

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