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Eleven (post-reading)

Quiz by Janette Salinas

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30 questions
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  • Q1
    What does the red sweater symbolize for Rachel?

    Joy and friendship.

    Pride and her eleventh birthday.

    Humiliation and a ruined birthday. 

    Embarrassment because the sweater is dirty.

  • Q2
    Why does Rachel compare growing old to an onion?

    She says it shakes around like in an empty box.

    She says that people have many layered emotions and act many different ages in life. 

    It is a problem that is too big for Rachel to solve.

    She says it is torn and in bad condition.

  • Q3
    The sweater being like a "big red mountain" means that...

    Rachel wants to be grown up like a mountain.

    Mrs. Price's math classroom is like a mountain.

    it is a problem that is too big for Rachel to solve. 

    the sweater is rough like a mountaintop.

  • Q4
    What is the setting of the story?

    Mrs. Price's English classroom.

    Rachel's home.

    Mrs. Price's math classroom.


  • Q5

    Rachel wished she that she was HOW old so that she could speak up to Mrs. Price?

    Rachel wishes she was 103.

    Rachel wishes she was 102. 

    Rachel wishes she was 100.

    Rachel wishes she was 101. 

  • Q6

    What is one of Rachel's external conflicts?

    Rachel feels timid when speaking to Mrs. Price.

    Mrs. Price says the red sweater is Rachel's.

    Sylvia Saldivar wishes her a happy birthday.

    Rachel is sad her father won't wish her a happy birthday.

  • Q7

    Why does Rachel use "they" in the beginning of the text?

    She is showing how she feels attacked by adults, nobody believes her.

    She thinks it sounds good.

    She is establishing a connection with the reader.  

    She is shy and timid and doesn't feel like she can stand up to the teacher who is older than her.

  • Q8

    What does "rattling" mean?

    Shaking and knocking together.

    Noisy and loud.

    Old and raggedy.

    Empty and wide. 

  • Q9

    What does "raggedy" mean?

    Torn and in bad condition. 

    Ancient and smelly.

    Stinky and red.

    Itchy and full of germs.

  • Q10

    What type of figurative language is "like pennies rattling in a band aid tin"?

    A simile to indicate it's very loud. 

    A hyperbole for noise.

    A simile to indicate many years inside Rachel.

    A metaphor comparing pennies and the tin. 

  • Q11

    What type of figurative language is "I wish I was 102"?

    A simile to indicate many years inside Rachel. 

    A metaphor comparing Rachel and 102. 

    A simile to show Mrs. Price wants to be older.

    A hyperbole to indicate Rachel wants to be grown up.

  • Q12

    Why does Rachel use "you" in the beginning of the text?

    She is saying the reader is part of the story.

     She thinks it sounds better than "we".

    She is establishing a connection with the reader.

    She doesn't like to say "I". 

  • Q13

    What is the climax of the story?

    Rachel breaks down and cries like she is three.

    Rachel takes the sweater from Mrs. Price.

    Rachel speaks up for herself. 

    Rachel goes home to have a birthday cake.

  • Q14
    What is the resolution of the conflict?

    Rachel has a birthday cake.

    Rachel wishes she was 102. 

    A student gives Rachel a present.

    A student says the sweater was hers. 

  • Q15
    What's the narrator's view of her birthday?

    It's the best thing ever, like an onion. 

    If there is cake everything will be ok.

    It's the worst thing ever because you feel you are three. 

    It's just the next day, you feel the same way you did when you were ten.


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