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ELM 2005: Repair mechanical components of electrical machines

Quiz by Abdulla qebal

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14 questions
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  • Q1
    A single phase ac motor end housing is broke, what you will do to fix motor?
    buy a new motor
    replace the end housing
    replace the end housing
    maintenance the end housing
  • Q2
    The noise from electrical motor while its running because:
    Run for a long time
    Just started
    is small
    Bearing is damaged
  • Q3
    To replace a broken pulley of the motor, which of the following tools is suitable to use:
    Hammer and chisel
  • Q4
    The correct tool that must be used to replace the bearing of the motor is:
    Bearing puller
    Screw driver
    Hammer and chisel
  • Q5
    An important step before disassembling the single phase motor is:
    Screw driver
    Disconnect the power supply
    Open winding
  • Q6
    What is the tool which take the pulley out?
    Ranch set
    Adjustable spanner
  • Q7
    In a single phase motor the bearing is used to:
    To support in the starting torque and disconnected after 75% speed.
    Support the weight of the armature, and keep the armature cantered within the field poles
    Decrease the friction while running
    To disconnect the starting winding after 75% of motor speed
  • Q8
    Excessive electric noise?
    Good connection
    Not connected
    Size of wire is big
    Mechanical fault
  • Q9
    Give protection and support to the machine parts:
    Brushes holder
    Terminal box
  • Q10
    Shaft is part of?
    Bearing Assembly.
    Armature Assembly.
    Shaft Assembly
    Brush Assembly
  • Q11
    Wearing gloves during workshop are required?
    For safety your head
    For safety your feet
    For safety your eyes
    For safety your hand
  • Q12
    Wearing Safety shoes during workshop are equired?
    For safety your eyes
    For safety your feet
    For safety your hand
    For safety your head
  • Q13
    Wearing overall during workshop is required?
    For safety your head
    For safety your feet
    For safety your hand
    For safety all body
  • Q14
    Explain, why water should not be used for cleaning the outside surface of the motor?
    Because the water is a good conductor to electricity
    Because the water is salted
    Because the water is sweet
    Because the water has high resistance

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