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6 questions
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  • Q1

    Which of the following will deflect in the electric field?


    ultraviolet rays

    cathode rays


  • Q2

    Waves in the decreasing order of their wavelengths are:

    X-rays, infrared rays, visible rays,radiowaves

    radiowaves, visible rays, infraredrays, X-rays

    radiowaves, ultraviolet rays, visiblerays, X-rays

    radiowaves, infrared rays, visible rays, X-rays

  • Q3

    High intensities of UV light

    are low in energy

    are hazardous to the eyes

    kills dangerous bacteria and therefore good

    is useful to good health

  • Q4

    The ratio of the amplitude of magnetic field to the amplitude of electric field for an electromagnetic wave propagating in a vacuum is equal to

    the speed of light in vacuum

    The ratio of magnetic permeability tothe electric susceptibility of vacuum

    reciprocal of speed of light in vacuum


  • Q5

    In general, the wavelength of microwaves is

    less than that of infrared waves

    more than that of infrared waves

    more than that of radiowaves

    less than that of ultra-violet waves

  • Q6

    Name the types of EM radiations which

    i. are used in destroying cancer cells,

    ii. cause tanning of the skin and

    iii. maintain the earth's warmth.

    and write about their production.

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