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Emmeline Pankhurst

Quiz by Carolina Moll Oyarzun

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What was Emmeline Pankhurst nationality?
    Question Image
  • Q2
    When she grew older she became interested in:
    Question Image
  • Q3
    What happened in 1888?
    Question Image
    There was a fire in the match factory
    There was a pandemic because of chemicals
    There was a female workers strike
    There was a parade
  • Q4
    In the factory, women had terrible working conditions such as:
    Question Image
    Working 14 hours a day
    They didn't have vacations
    Working under the sun
    They didn't got paid
  • Q5
    Who were the Sufragettes?
    Question Image
    A group of women who fought for ebvironmental rights
    A group of women who had a match factory
    A group of women who fought for their right to vote
    A reading club
  • Q6
    What is the "Votes for Women"?
    Question Image
    a newspaper
    a magazine
    a song
    a group of women
  • Q7
    What did Emily Davidson do?
    Question Image
    She disguised herself as Emmeline Pankhurst
    She threw herself under a horse on a race
    She chained herself to the king's horse
    She broke the windows of a match factory
  • Q8
    What happened in 1918?
    Question Image
    The government didn't change anything
    The government gave the right to vote to women over thirty years-old
    The government gave the right to vote to men aged over twenty one
    The government created a new parliament
  • Q9
    What happened after Emmeline Pankhurst died?
    Question Image
    The government took away the right to vote for women
    The protests continued
    Women were given the right to vote over 21 years-old
    There was a famous horse race
  • Q10
    What is Emmeline Pankhurst legacy?
    Her protests
    Her essays on politics
    Her fight for women's rights, specially to vote
    Her fight for environmental laws

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