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  • Q1
    It is showing manners and etiquette on the Internet
    Users re-arrange answers into correct order
  • Q2
    What should you do if you receive a text or email from someone you don't know?
    Leave it in your inbox until you figure out who it is
    Open it immediately and reply
    Call the police
    Delete it without opening it
  • Q3
    Which of the following should you never give on the Internet?
    All of the above
    Your address
    Your age
    Your name
  • Q4
    What should you do to avoid being cyber-bullied?
    Give out personal information to anyone who asks
    Observe proper netiquette rules
    Strike first - post mean things about other people on your facebook wall
    Ignore any requests from people to be your friend online
  • Q5
    What should you do if you feel you are being cyber-bullied?
    Just delete anything referring to you on the Internet
    Tell a trusted adult like a parent or teacher
    Tell no one, it's embarrassing
    Call the police
  • Q6
    What should you never do if you get an embarrassing picture from someone?
    Tell your parents or a teacher
    Talk to the person again
    Discourage the person from sending pictures like that
    Send it on to other friends
  • Q7
    It is OK to forward or post an email message that you received if_____________.
    The author of the message hasn’t given you permission to forward or post it
    The author of the message has marked it as confidential.
    It does not contain any copyrighted material
    The message is typed in all capital letters
  • Q8
    Before posting to a discussion group you should _____________________.
    Find the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document
    All of the above.
    Read the FAQ
    Read some of the existing posts to get an idea of the tone and character of the group.
  • Q9
    It is a post or email message that expresses a strong opinion or criticism
    Users re-arrange answers into correct order
  • Q10
    Spamming means______________.
    Posting a message that contains graphic descriptions of something really gross
    Sending in lines of nonsensical garbage in a chat conversation
    Spilling the juice of meat-byproducts into your keyboard
    Posting or emailing unsolicited advertising messages to a wide audience.
  • Q11
    Knowledge and understanding of netiquette is useful because _________.
    It explains the conventions already being used by millions of cybernauts
    All of the above
    It explains some of the technical limitations of online communications
    It will help you create a positive impression on those you meet in cyberspace
  • Q12
    It is the most known and most used search engine.
    Users enter free text
    Type an Answer
  • Q13
    Listed are the guides in identifying the good source from the satirical source of information, except _______________?
    Ask someone knowledgeable and get to know the site.
    Check if the site is alleged as satirical.
    Click any sites that appeared as a source of information.
    Always be cautious and read the contents of the source.
  • Q14
    This term refers to the type of information that is relatively considered as fake, untrue and merely opinion-based.
  • Q15
    It is the process of interactively searching given words/terms to gather specific information.
    Online Navigation
    Online Mission
    Online Expedition
    Online Exploration

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