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End of "Peak" 222-246

Quiz by Jessica Yount

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14 questions
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  • Q1
    How long do you have to climb from Camp Six to Summit?
    Eighteen hours
    Twelve hours
    Fourteen hours
    Twenty-Four Hours
  • Q2
    Why do you have a time limit from Camp Six to Summit?
    There is a time limit due to the amount of climbers who are trying to reach summit around the same time.
    There is a time limit due to this area being called "Death Zone" and the body shutting down.
    There is a time limit because the climbing permit has restrictions on how long someone can be within this area.
    There is a time limit due to only being allowed to carry a certain amount of oxygen.
  • Q3
    Why is Sun-jo NOT able to climb back down the north (Tibet) side of Everest?
    Sun-jo needs to return home after, so it makes sense to climb down the Nepal side to save on travel time.
    No one climbs down the same side they climbed up.
    The Chinese soldiers are waiting to arrest Sun-jo.
    The Chinese soldiers have completely shut down the mountain.
  • Q4
    How far from summit was Peak when he decided he did not want to reach summit?
    20 feet
    5 feet
    10 feet
    15 feet
  • Q5
    Why did Peak decide not to reach summit when he was in a better health condition than anyone on his team?
    Peak did not have enough oxygen left to stand on the summit.
    Peak needed to leave immediately to catch his plane back to New York on time.
    Josh paid Peak to let Sun-jo reach summit. Josh promised Zopa he would do this.
    Sun-jo has a reason to make summit and Peak does not. Peak's life is back home with his family and not supporting Josh's company.
  • Q6
    Peak asked Sun-jo to do him a favor once on summit. What was this favor?
    Peak asked Sun-jo to scream his name on the very top of the mountain.
    Peak asked Sun-jo to put his moleskin next to the flag pole.
    Peak asked Sun-jo to climb back down the north side and risk getting caught.
    Peak asked Sun-jo to hang his prayer flag (yellow with a blue mountain on it) on the pole.
  • Q7
    Zopa knew what Peak was going to do about reaching summit before Peak knew himself. How do we know this?
    Peak told everyone the truth over the radio and Zopa filled in missing details.
    Zopa left Peak a personalized note at Camp Five on the north side.
    Zopa and Peak had a personal conversation on the way back down to Base Camp.
    Zopa informed Josh what Peak was going to do.
  • Q8
    Josh says he will take Peak climbing again to hopefully reach summit. Will Peak try to reach summit again?
    Yes, Peak looks forward to the trip already.
    No, Peak has no desire to climb Everest again.
    Maybe. Peak is not sure if he wants to climb Everest again or not.
  • Q9
    Peak tells Josh why he is leaving for New York right away. Josh does not understand this reason. What is the reason?
    Peak needs to be home for the twins' birthday. He has never missed one.
    Peak needs to be home to start the new school year on time.
    Peak already booked his flight.
  • Q10
    The Chinese soldiers kept Peak's camera that contains the evidence of Sun-jo reaching summit. Why is Peak not worried about this?
    Peak does not care about Thaddeus and Josh getting in trouble.
    Peak did not film anything on the climb.
    Peak took the memory card out of the camera and put a blank one in.
    Peak accidentally erased all of the information.
  • Q11
    After seeing how much mail Josh has received, Peak decided not to become angry. Why?
    Peak was too tired to care anymore.
    Peak understands why Josh has to respond to certain letters but not his own sons.
    Peak realized Josh is who he is. Peak can just make sure he works hard on NOT becoming him.
  • Q12
    Who did Peak see on the road above the Friendship Bridge? (Hint: the letter said "I will see you ON the road."
  • Q13
    In the newspaper article about Sun-jo, there is evidence that proves a part of Peak did make it to summit. What is shown in the background of the picture?
    The picture shows Peak's prayer flag.
    The picture shows Peak's moleskin notebook.
    The picture shows Peak's reflection.
  • Q14
    Peak states, "The only thing you'll find on summit of Mount Everest is a divine view" (246). What does he say really matters?
    Peak says that what lies far below the summit is what really matters.
    Peak says the desire to reach summit is what really matters.
    Peak says that being home for birthdays is what really matters.
    Peak says that being healthy is what really matters.

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