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End of Week Assessment

Quiz by Marlise Burton

Grade 6
English Language Arts
Common Core

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Measures 3 skills from
Grade 6
English Language Arts
Common Core


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4 questions
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  • Q1
    How is the idea "Lightning begins inside thunderstorms" (paragraph 2) developed in the article?
    by providing examples of how much electricity is produced by electrons jumping through the air
    by explaining how air at different temperatures creates a charge in the clouds
    by comparing a lightning bolt to a small spark
    by describing how lightning occurs in different types of weather
  • Q2
    Which sentence best expresses the central idea in the article?
    Lightning strikes are uncommon far out over the ocean.
    Lightning strikes are able to travel through pipes in a building.
    Lightning strikes are only about as thick as a pencil
    Lightning strikes are due to unstable weather conditions.
  • Q3
    What does paragraph 9 suggest about the author's point of view in the article?
    The author has great respect for lightning.
    The author believes that lightning can be useful.
    The author believes that it is impossible to avoid lightning.
    The author has difficulty understanding lightning.
  • Q4
    Which idea would be most important to include in a summary of the article?
    "Lightning zaps the remote mountain village of Kifuka, in central Africa, nearly every day." (paragraph 6)
    "You're safe inside the car because electricity will travel over the metal surface instead of through the interior" (paragraph 9)
    "Because of its unpredictability and power, lightning can be extremely dangerous." (paragraph 8)
    "The farther away lightning strikes, the deeper the sound of the thunder..." (paragraph 5)

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