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Endocrine Quiz

Quiz by Deb Ruscillo

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  • Q1
    chemical messengers that are secreted by endocrine glands directly into the bloodstream. This enables them to reach cells and organs throughout the body
  • Q2
    a pea sized gland that is divided into two parts, the anterior and the posterior lobes. These lobes secrete chemical signals that control other glands and produce hormones associated with growth and fertility
    pituitary gland
  • Q3
    stimulated the growth and secretions of the adrenal cortex.
    adrenocorticotropic hormone(ACTH)
  • Q4
    stimulates the secretion of estrogen and the growth of ova(eggs) in the ovaries of the female. In the male it stimulates the production of sperm in the testicles
    follicle stimulating hormone(FSH)
  • Q5
    also known as the somatotropic hormone regulates the growth of bone, muscle, and other body tissues.
    growth hormone(GH)
  • Q6
    stimulates ovulation in the female. In the male it stimulates the secretion of testosterone
    interstitial cell stimulating hormone(ICSH)
  • Q7
    also known as prolactin stimulates and maintains the secretion of breast milk in the mother after childbirth.
    lactogenic hormone(LTH)
  • Q8
    stimulates ovulation in the female. In the male teh luteinizing hormone stimulates the secretion of testosterone.
    luteinizing hormone(LH)
  • Q9
    increases the production of melanin in melanocytes, thereby causing darkening of skin pigmentation. MSH production usually increases during pregnancy.
    melanocyte stimulating hormoneMSH)
  • Q10
    stimulates the secretion of hormones by the thyroid gland.
    thyroid stimulating hormone(TSH)
  • Q11
    secreted by the hypothalamus and stored and released in the pituitary gland, helps control blood pressure by reducing the amount of water that is excreted through the kidneys.
    antidiuretic hormone(ADH)
  • Q12
    the 'hug' hormone which creates a sense of comfort. Also stimulates uterine contractions during childbirth with positive feedback reaction.
  • Q13
    is a synthetic form of oxytocin that is administered to induce or speed up labor.
  • Q14
    is a very small endocrine gland in the brain which responds to light and dark signals to control the sleep cycle. Secretes melatonin.
    pineal gland
  • Q15
    influences the sleep wakefulness portions of the circadian cycle.

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