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Quiz by Glenzetta Hall

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Can you define energy?
    The main source of energy is food.
    Energy is force.
    Energy is not being able to do work.
    Energy is the ability to do work.
  • Q2
    Select two conventional sources of energy.
    Water and gas
    Coal and gas
    Gas and biofuel
    Coal and wind
  • Q3
    Select two non conventional sources of energy.
    Oil and gas
    Coal and gas
    Solar and wind
    Agricultural waste and oil
  • Q4
    What are two kinds of energy we have been studying.
    Electricity and potential energy
    Kinetic and sunlight
    Potential and Kinetic energy.
    Converted energy and potential energy
  • Q5
    What is a solar cell made of?
    Silicon which is made of sand.
    Silicon which is made of sprite.
    Silicon which is made of water.
    Silicon which is made of plastic.

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