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Energy Conservation Part #2

Quiz by Lakresha Sibley

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  • Q1
    Which is most accurate in regards to energy resources?
    fossil fuels are limited, therefore it is important to conserve energy
    solar power is limited
  • Q2
    Most automobiles depend on gasoline and oil. Which practice will best conserve these fossil fuels for future generations?
    plan trips so that fewer miles are driven
    park unused cars in a shaded area
  • Q3
    Which will most likely be a consequence as fossil fuel reserves are depleted?
    pollution will increase
    the cost of gasoline will decrease
  • Q4
    Which is an environmental disadvantage of burning coal to produce energy?
    limited availability of coal resources
    formation of acid rain
  • Q5
    What is most associated with using fossil fuels to produce energy?
    decrease in water pollution
    production of greenhouse gases
  • Q6
    Why are governments most likely to encourage use of other energy sources other than oil?
    oil is nonrenewable
    oil is renewable
  • Q7
    Which would most likely adversely affect hydroelectric power?
  • Q8
    Why do many communities use resources other than windmills to obtain energy?
    Some areas have inconsistent winds
    windmills are visual pollutants
  • Q9
    Which best explains why fossil fuels should be conserved?
    they are in limited supply
    they are dangerous to handle
  • Q10
    Which upgrade to a school would most likely reduce the school's consumption of nonrenewable resources?
    biodegradable carpeting
    solar-collection panels

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