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Energy Flow Quiz

Quiz by Mallory Strelecky

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the relationship between a community and a population?
    A population includes communities of organisms interacting.
    A community includes populations of organisms interacting.
    A population is larger than a community.
    A population is smaller than a community.
  • Q2
    Which statement best represents the relationship between a producer and a consumer?
    A snake catches a frog and swallows it whole.
    A panda eats bamboo.
    A dog chews on a bone.
    A polar bear kills and eats a seal.
  • Q3
    Into which trophic level will herbivores most likely be placed?
    third level
    first level
    fourth level
    second level
  • Q4
    Which would most likely happen if the Bluegill population decreased significantly?
    Question Image
    The Zooplankton population would start being consumed by the Kingfisher population.
    The Minnows population would decrease in number.
    The Crayfish population would compete with the Minnows for food.
    The Kingfisher population would decrease in number.
  • Q5
    Which is the correct representation of energy flow through an ecosystem?
    sun - autotrophs - heterotrophs
    water - squirrels - nuts
    sun - consumers - producers
    autotrophs - heterotrophs - sun
  • Q6
    Which correctly displays the direction energy flows in a food chain?
    aphid - rose plant - beetle - hawk - mouse
    beetle - rose plant - mouse - hawk - aphid
    rose plant - aphid - beetle - mouse - hawk
    hawk - mouse - beetle - aphid - rose plant
  • Q7
    Which organisms are found at level Y?
    Question Image
    primary consumers
    tertiary consumers
    secondary consumers
  • Q8
    In which level is most of the available energy located within an energy pyramid?
    The third-order consumer has the largest amount of available energy because it is at the top of the energy pyramid.
    The producer level has the largest amount of available energy because it stores energy from the sun and supports all other trophic levels.
    The first-order consumer has the largest amount of available energy because it requires less energy to digest its vegetarian diet.
    The second-order consumer has the largest amount of available energy because more energy is obtained from a meat-eating diet than from plants.
  • Q9
    As energy flows through each trophic level of the food chain approximately what percentage of energy is available to the next trophic level?
  • Q10
    Which best describes energy transfer in an ecosystem among trophic levels?
    Approximately ninety percent of all energy is used at each trophic level.
    No energy is used in an ecosystem.
    Approximately half of all energy is used at each trophic level.
    Approximately ten percent of all energy is used at each trophic level.
  • Q11
    The branch of biology dealing with interactions among organisms and between organisms and their environment is called
  • Q12
    The algae at the beginning of the food chain are
    Question Image
  • Q13
    An organism that cannot make its own food is called a
  • Q14
    A community in which barn owls and snakes consume only mice is observed. If the number of snakes increases which of the following is most likely to happen first?
    the barn owl population will increase
    the mouse population will decrease
    the mouse population will remain the same
    the barn owl population will decrease
  • Q15
    Which represents the most likely flow of energy through an ecosystem?
    grass → mouse → snake → hawk
    mouse → grass → hawk → snake
    snake → mouse → grass → hawk
    hawk → snake → mouse → grass

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