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Energy Review

Quiz by Kealey Grizzard

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Gavin has two objects that are different temperatures. The beginning temperature of object A is 30°C. The beginning temperature of object B is 5°C. He places the two objects so that they are in contact with each other. Choose the answer that best describes how the heat will flow.
    The heat will not flow from one object to the other.
    The heat will flow from object B to object A.
    The heat will flow from object A to object B.
    The heat will flow out from both of the objects.
  • Q2
    A rotten apple is sitting on the ground. A ripe apple is hanging on a tree branch high above the ground. Both apples have the same mass. Compared to the ripe apple in the tree, the rotten apple has ____________________ kinetic energy and __________________ gravitational potential energy. (choose the words that fill in the blanks)
    more/the same
    the same/less
    the same/more
  • Q3
    Two identical motorcycles are traveling on a road. One motorcycle is carrying one person and traveling at a speed of 53 km/hr. The other motorcycle is carrying one person and is traveling at a speed of 65 km/hr. Both of the people on the motorcycles have the same mass. Based on this information, which of the following statements is correct?
    The car traveling at 65 km/hr has more kinetic energy.
    The car traveling at 53 km/hr has more kinetic energy.
    They both have the same kinetic energy.
    They have no kinetic energy.
  • Q4
    Davis throws a football straight into the air. It goes up to a height of 10 meters and then falls back down into his hands. As the ball falls from the height of 10 meters, what is happening to the potential and kinetic energy?
    The kinetic energy decreases as the potential energy increases.
    The potential energy decreases as the kinetic energy increases.
    They both increase.
    They both decrease.
  • Q5
    Energy is transferred first from a battery to a circuit wire and then from a circuit wire to a lightbulb. What energy transformations occur between these two transfers?
    chemical -> mechanical -> electromagnetic and thermal
    chemical -> electrical -> electromagnetic and thermal
    mechanical -> electrical -> electromagnetic and thermal
    electrical -> mechanical -> electromagnetic and thermal

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