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Energy Study Guide

Quiz by Phawn Norman

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24 questions
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  • Q1
    The Sun emits a wide variety of electromagnetic waves, including visible light. The ozone layer, which is part of the atmosphere's stratosphere, helps to filter out a significant amount of one type of electromagnetic radiation. Which type of electromagnetic radiation does the ozone layer filter?
    infrared rays
    visible light rays
    microwave rays
    ultraviolet rays
  • Q2
    Light would be most likely to be transmitted through
    a stone.
    a mirror.
    a window.
    a leaf.
  • Q3
    Which of the following describes when light bounces off a surface?
  • Q4
    What do electromagnetic waves provide to the Earth?
    Earth's magnetic field
    heat and light
    static electricity
    earthquakes and sound
  • Q5
    Of the following types of energies that the Earth receives from the Sun, which type of energy causes sunburn?
    light energy
    infrared energy
    ultraviolet energy
    microwave energy
  • Q6
    A glass window is a clear object that light passes through as it travels in a straight line. What is this an example of?
    reflection of light
    absorption of light
    diffusion of light
    transmission of light
  • Q7
    A glass of water was left outside in direct sunlight for 4 hours. What happened to the water during that time?
    It stayed the same temperature because the Sun's electromagnetic waves do not cause temperature changes in water.
    It cooled down because it reflected the Sun's electromagnetic waves.
    It warmed up because it absorbed the Sun's electromagnetic waves
    It stayed the same temperature because it absorbed and reflected the same amount of the Sun's electromagnetic waves.
  • Q8
    There is a form of light that is very energetic and can cause damage to living cells and tissues. The Sun emits this type of light, but much of it is blocked by ozone in the atmosphere. Because this type of light can be so damaging to cells, it is often used to kill bacteria in drinking water. The light is shined on contaminated water, and this makes the water clean and healthy for drinking. What type of light is this?
    infrared light
    visible light
    radio waves
    ultraviolet light
  • Q9
    When light hits the water droplets in a cloud, the cloud appears white. The light waves are being:
  • Q10
    Jared is building an electrical circuit that includes a battery and a light bulb. He knows that the circuit needs to be a closed loop, so he connects the battery to the light bulb with a plastic string, then connects the light bulb back to the battery with another plastic string. He checks to make sure that everything is connected, but the light bulb does not light. What is most likely the problem with the circuit?
    The light bulb is broken.
    The battery is dead.
    Plastic is not a conductor of electricity.
    Plastic conducts too much electricity.
  • Q11
    Light from the Sun transfers solar energy to the Earth system. Sunlight travels to Earth as _______ waves.
  • Q12
    The Sun loses energy by _______.
    absorbing x-rays
    absorbing heat
    emitting iron atoms
    emitting light
  • Q13
    Many photographers take pictures of scenery. Below is a sample of a popular technique that they use. The technique captures a picture of the mountains and the sky in the water. Which property of light is being demonstrated in this technique?
    Question Image
    water colors
  • Q14
    When light moves from one substance to another, it can change direction. The following picture shows how this change can make an object in a glass of water seem to bend or even have disconnected pieces. What is the term for this effect?
    Question Image
  • Q15
    Why is plastic used to cover electrical wires in a house?
    Plastic is a thermal insulator.
    Plastic is an electrical conductor.
    Plastic is an electrical insulator.
    Plastic is a thermal conductor.

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