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Energy Transformation Review

Quiz by Robert Stephenson

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  • Q1
    A circuit is shown in the picture: The chemical energy in the battery is used to light up the light bulb on the other end. Chemical energy in the battery is transformed into which type of energy that runs through the circuit wire?
    Question Image
    Mechanical energy
    Sound energy
    Chemical energy
    Electrical energy
  • Q2
    Sharon's running coach advised her to eat well-balanced meals in order to have plenty of energy for their upcoming race. Which transformation of energy is Sharon's coach referring to?
    Mechanical Energy ➜ Electrical Energy
    Thermal Energy ➜ Mechanical Energy
    Chemical Energy ➜ Mechanical Energy
    Kinetic Energy ➜ Potential Energy
  • Q3
    What happens to the energy in the pendulum as it swings from Point A to Point B?
    Question Image
    The chemical energy is converted to thermal energy.
    The potential energy is converted to kinetic energy.
    The kinetic energy is converted to potential energy.
    The kinetic energy is converted to chemical energy.
  • Q4
    Francesca connected several light bulbs to a battery as shown in the illustration below. After the lights bulbs were on for a few minutes, she placed her hand near one of the bulbs and discovered it was warm. Which type of energy transformation occurred?
    Question Image
    Light Energy ➜ Chemical Energy
    Electrical Energy ➜ Thermal Energy
    Electrical Energy ➜ Mechanical Energy
    Light Energy ➜ Electrical Energy
  • Q5
    In some systems, energy will transform from one form to another. Which of the following is an example of electrical energy being transformed to both kinetic energy and sound energy?
    A television showing a movie
    A radio playing music
    A tree falling in the woods
    A remote control car being operated
  • Q6
    Trucks, cars, and motorcycles depend on internal combustion engines to move. An internal combustion engine uses air to burn a fuel, such as gasoline, which in turn causes the parts in the engine to move. What energy transformation occurs in an internal combustion engine?
    Chemical Energy ➜ Kinetic Energy
    Electrical Energy ➜ Chemical Energy
    Thermal Energy ➜ Electrical Energy
    Kinetic Energy ➜ Chemical Energy
  • Q7
    The drawing shows the cars of a roller coaster racing down the track. roller coaster.png How does the law of conservation of energy best explain the energy of the cars on the track?
    Question Image
    The kinetic energy of the cars is being transformed into potential energy.
    The cars have potential energy, but no kinetic energy.
    The cars have kinetic energy, but no potential energy.
    The potential energy of the cars is being transformed into kinetic energy.
  • Q8
    The illustration shows the path that a ball rolls, from left to right. Which statement would correctly describe the energy of the ball as it travels along the path?
    Question Image
    The ball has the most potential energy at point D.
    The ball has the most kinetic energy at point C.
    The ball has the least potential energy at point A.
    The ball has the least kinetic energy at point D.
  • Q9
    Mechanical energy is defined as the sum of both the potential energy and the kinetic energy of an object. According to the law of conservation of energy, what happens to mechanical energy if the potential energy of an object decreases?
    Mechanical energy decreases.
    Mechanical energy increases.
    Mechanical energy increases and then decreases.
    Mechanical energy remains unchanged.
  • Q10
    One day after school, Geraldo rode his bicycle to the movies. The next day he explained to his classmates how his body had transferred kinetic energy to the pedals of his bicycle. How did Geraldo’s body transfer kinetic energy to his bicycle pedals?
    By using his leg muscles while pedaling
    By storing energy from eating his breakfast
    By walking his bicycle up a hill
    By putting on the hand brakes
  • Q11
    During photosynthesis, plants absorb light energy from the Sun. Based on the law of conservation of energy, what happened to the light energy in the reaction?
    It was destroyed.
    It was converted into chemical energy.
    It was changed into oxygen gas.
    It was produced by the plant.
  • Q12
    The graph shows the relationship between the speed of a moving object and its kinetic energy. What conclusion can you draw from this graph?
    Question Image
    As the speed of an object increases, its kinetic energy decreases.
    Kinetic energy decreases as an object moves down a hill.
    Kinetic energy increases as an object moves up a hill.
    As the speed of an object increases, its kinetic energy increases.
  • Q13
    Emma constructed a simple motor. When connected correctly, the coil of copper wire spins. Which of the following best describes the energy transformation that takes place between the paper clips and the spinning coil?
    Question Image
    Electrical energy transforms into mechanical energy.
    Chemical energy transforms into electrical energy.
    Mechanical energy transforms into chemical energy.
    Mechanical energy transforms into electrical energy.
  • Q14
    Which of the following describes how energy moves through living systems?
    Energy can be created by organisms and can be passed on if it is not used by that organism.
    Energy is transformed and/or given off as heat as it passes from one organism to the next but the total amount always stays the same.
    Energy is created during photosynthesis.
    All of the energy is used up by organisms as they move, grow and reproduce so less energy is available for the next organism in the food chain.
  • Q15
    How is photosynthesis in plants similar to a solar panel?
    Both need oxygen in order to create chemical energy.
    Light energy is transformed into another useful type of energy.
    Both create energy to be used up.
    Photosynthesis transforms chemical energy into electricity.

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