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Eng II Unit 1 Open Window/Through the Tunnel


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30 questions
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  • Q1

    Which of the following is a true statement about Framton Nuttel?

    He will return from hunting within the hour

    He is ill, resting at home

    He and Vera are good friends

    He has just moved to the area and doesn't know many people

  • Q2

    Vera tells Framton the window is open because

    her aunt is waiting for her dead husband and brothers to return from hunting

    her aunt likes to hear the sound of her husband and brothers hunting

    her aunt is waiting for her dead husband and brothers to come back from war

    her aunt's husband died and he fell through the window years ago

  • Q3

    Which of the following words is the best synonym for conveyed in the sentence, "Mrs. Kellar conveyed her displeasure with raised eyebrows?"





  • Q4

    The story suggests that Vera

    is a creative, if mischievous young girl

    is an honest but annoying young girl

    is a shy and nervous young girl

    is a polite and studious young girl

  • Q5

    Which of the following methods of characterization is used by the author to develop the characters in the Open Window?

    All of the above

    direct comments by other characters

    showing what the characters say

    describing the character's personalities

  • Q6

    Why is Framton uncomfortable visiting the Sappletons?

    he knows his letter of introduction will not be well-received

    he is embarrassed that the niece knows about his fear of dogs

    he has heard the niece is not honest towards visitors

    he is a shy, nervous person who generally prefers to keep to himself

  • Q7

    Which of the following events from the story Open Window provides the best example of irony?

    Mrs. Sappleton's husband and brothers come walking across the lawn towards the window

    Framton gives Mrs. Sappleton his letter of introduction even though she already knows his sister

    Vera tells her aunt and uncle Framton is scared of dogs because of an incident he experienced in India

    Vera becomes emotional as she talks about the death of her aunt's husband and brothers

  • Q8

    Which of the following best describes Mrs. Sappleton's and Framton's feelings when the men return home?

    Mrs. Sappleton is annoyed; Framton is scared

    Mrs. Sappleton is terrified; Framton is cautious

    Mrs. Sappleton is dismayed; Framton is excited

    Mrs. Sappleton is happy; Framton is terrified

  • Q9

    When Vera talks about Framton's fear of dogs it is clear that she

    feels bad about deceiving Framton and wants to make it up to him

    will continue to tell made-up stories to amuse herself

    is not very good at keeping secrets

    only enjoys lying to strangers and is always honest with her family

  • Q10

    What might be the cause of Vera's rebellious behavior?

    All of the above

    the desire to stir things up a bit on a boring day

    the lack of an outlet to express her creativity

    the strict social conventions of the time period

  • Q11

    Framton Nuttel moved to the country to cure his nerves.

    True or False
  • Q12

    Who talks cheerfully about bird hunting in the story?

    Mr. Sappleton


    Mrs. Sappleton

    Framton Nuttel

  • Q13

    Who hunts birds with a brown spaniel?

    Framton Nuttel

    Mrs. Sappleton

    Mr. Sappleton


  • Q14

    Vera stayed at the rectory four years ago.

    True or False
  • Q15

    Framton Nuttel's sister tells about a great tragedy. 

    True or False

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