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ENG - Perfect Tenses - Quiz

Quiz by Murathan Silan

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    (I / have / breakfast this morning) Which is the correct sentence made with PRESENT PERFECT tense?
    I had breakfast this morning.
    I did breakfast this morning.
    I was having breakfast this morning.
    I've had breakfast this morning.
  • Q2
    He ...................... before I reached his place.
    had left
    have left
    had lefted
  • Q3
    [When we met, you ...................... (work) at that company for six months.] Fill the gap with PAST PERFECT CONTINIOUS tense.
    has working
    had working
    had been working
    have been worked
  • Q4
    [He has never eaten escargot.] Which perfect tense the sentence is?
    Future Perfect
    Present Perfect
    Past Perfect
  • Q5
    [The children ________ the lost puppy.] Fill the gap with PRESENT PERFECT tense.
    have found
    is finding
    have find
    had been finding
  • Q6
    [The film started. Then we arrived at the cinema.] Which sentence has a similar meaning?
    When we arrived at te cinema, the film had been started.
    When we had arrived at the cinema, the film started.
    When we had arrived at the cinema, the film had started.
    When we arrived at the cinema, the film had already started.
  • Q7
    [He finished reading our papers a long time ago but (not grade them)] Choose the right answer with PRESENT PERFECT tense.
    he hasn't been graded them yet.
    he hadn't graded them yet.
    he hasn't graded them yet.
    he haven't graded them yet.
  • Q8
    [You ...... (not/study) for the test, so you were very nervous.] Choose the correct answer with PAST PERFECT tense.
    hadn't study
    haven't studied
    hasn't studied
    hadn't studied
  • Q9
    I _____ that movie several times. (watch, present perfect)
    has watch
    will watch
    have watched
  • Q10
    By next December, I ___ for this company for 5 years.
    will had worked
    will have been working
    have been worked
    will had been working
  • Q11
    [I’ve been to New York.] Which question follows this statement?
    Really? When have you gone?
    Really? When you have gone?
    Really? When was you going?
    Really? When did you go?
  • Q12
    [I haven’t seen him ____.] Which word can complete the sentence?
    last night
  • Q13
    He ____his report yet., that is why I shouted at him. (finish-past perfect)
    had not finished
    have not finished
    didn't finish
  • Q14
    [I _______ Helen since we _______ at school together.] Which words complete the sentence?
    knew / ‘ve been
    ‘ve known / were
    knowed / been
    know / were
  • Q15
    When I got home, the children had already ___ to bed.

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