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Quiz by Elma D. Dapulaza

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    How is news defined?
    a. It should be factual, truthful, accurate, unbiased, and interesting.
    b. It uses the summary lead and is written using the inverted pyramid structure.
    c. It is written from a public address, talks, and speeches.
    d. It explains exposition setting forth a single situation or a series of closely related facts that inform.
  • Q2
    Which of the following is not included in the elements of news?
    b. Local news
    d. Drama
    a. Sex
    c. Number
  • Q3
    What type of news entertains more than it informs?
    d. Hard news
    a. Follow-up news
    c. News-feature
    b. Soft news
  • Q4
    Which of the following are good examples of first-hand reporting?
    a. Both advance news and straight news
    c. Both science news and developmental news
    d. Both spot news and coverage news
    b. Both soft news and hard news
  • Q5
    Which is not included as hard news?
    c. city council meetings
    d. speeches by leading government officials
    b. killings
    a. a lunch to honor a retiring school custodian
  • Q6
    What type of news story that news published before its occurrence, sometimes called dope or prognostication?
    b. Advance
    c. Coverage news
    d. Straight News
    a. Spot news
  • Q7
    What type of news story is gathered and reported on the spot?
    d. Science news
    a. Action story
    b. Soft news
    c. Spot news
  • Q8
    Which of the following is not included in the police report?
    d. Election
    c. Calamity
    b. Fire
    a. Accident
  • Q9
    What type of news story is written in the inverted pyramid design?
    b. Fact story
    c. Interview story
    d. Routine story
    a. Action story
  • Q10
    What element of news that adds color to the story?
    a. Conflict
    d. Emotion
    b. Romance and adventure
    c. Drama
  • Q11
    What element of news refers to strange or unnatural events, objects, persons, and places?
    c. Proximity
    a. Oddity
    b. Prominence
    d. Immediacy
  • Q12
    Which of the following is not included in the sex element of news?
    a. Romance
    c. Marriage
    b. The natural feeling of love
    d. Divorce
  • Q13
    What type of news story report of events take place within the immediate locality?
    a. Local news
    b. National news
    d. Dateline news
    c. Foreign news
  • Q14
    What type of news story is written like a brief telegraphic the message, giving mainly the result with details?
    d. News-feature
    c. News brief
    a. News bulletin
    b. News-featurette
  • Q15
    What type of news story is usually written from a public address, talks, and speeches?
    c. Interview story
    a. Speech report
    b. Action story
    d. Routine story

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