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English 9_2nd Quarter_Pretest

Quiz by Leslie Michelle Salceda

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15 questions
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  • Q1

    Identify whether the statement conveys positive or negative message.

    The vacancy has been filled.

    Negative Message

    Positive Message

  • Q2

    Read the quotation carefully then identify whether the message is a positive or a negative.

    “You can’t beboth awesome and negative. Choose one. “-Karen Salmansohn

    Negative Message

    Positive Message

  • Q3

    How do you show affirmation on this statement that was taken from the Bible: “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil”?


    You will say__________________.

    “That’s absolutely correct!”

    “I respect you for that, but…”

    “It is partly true, on the other hand…”

    “No doubt about it, however…”

  • Q4

    Which of the following sentences supports an opinion statement?

    In fact, statistics shows that social media platforms help build friendships

    From my point of view, spending too much time on social media is unhealthy- physically and mentally.

    I think social media has helped young people to stay updated with what’s going on around.

    I believe these are very alarming as it will affect their well-being.

  • Q5

    Plants and flowers reduce a person’s stress level and increase positive energy according to studies. Study the pictograph  to find out how many plants Tina planted in a month.

    How many plants did Tina plan for a month?

    Question Image





  • Q6

    A survey was conducted to determine the Junior High School students’ mode of transportation in going to school. Study the graph.

    Question: What does the graph show?

    Question Image

    Students’ Mode ofTransport to School

    Students’ Transport Mode Choice

    Students’ Alternative Transport Mode

    Students’ Preferred Transport Mode

  • Q7

    What can you conclude from the data presented?

    Question Image

    Most students live nearby or around the school.

    Riding a tricycle can be risky.

    Many students prefer to use bicycles in going to school.

    Walking to school is a good exercise.

  • Q8

    The following statements are advantages of using multimodal texts EXCEPT ONE. Which statement is it?

    It promotes positive learning experience.

    It assists learner’s comprehension through visual representation.

    It leads to deeper understanding and retention.

    It limits the learner’s understanding of the texts presented.

  • Q9

     It assists learner’s comprehension through visual representation.

    Meaning is best conveyed through combination of various modes such as written and visual.

    Learners have limited knowledge on the available material.

    Multimodal texts are difficult to understand.

    Visual materials are not enough for deeper understanding.

  • Q10

    The following words show comparison EXCEPT one. What word is it?

    the same as


    compared to

    similar to

  • Q11

    Study the Venn Diagram.

    Question: What is common between the characters in the story?

    Question Image

    The town mouse and the country mouse have the same preference in food.

    The town mouse and the country mouse both desire a happy life.

    The town mouse and the country mouse are alike in their ways of living.

    The town mouse and the country mouse agree to live in the city.

  • Q12

    Though cellphones are necessary for high school students in terms of their safety, they should still be prohibited from use of school. This concept is founded on several reasons, such as disrupting the educational process and facilitating student’s cheating; distracting students by the possibility to access the Internet, social media, or communicate with friends; finally, cellphones contribute to the spreading of the social phenomenon known as cyber bullying.

    Question: The author contradicts with the use of cellphones in school for several reasons EXCEPT for one idea. What is this?


    cyber bullying



  • Q13

    What does the word in bold letters signal?

    “No family is perfect…

    We argue. We even stop

    talking to each other at times, but in the

    end, family is family…the love will always

    be there.”





  • Q14

    The use of credit cards and cash are some of the payment options whenever purchasing items payments. Credit cards are more convenient unlike bringing large amounts of cash. However, interest rates are charged when using credit cards whereas cash payments have no accumulating debt in the future. Responsible spending should be practiced wisely.

    Question:  What two things are being compared in the text?

    Credit cards and cash

    Cashless payments

    Credit cards interest rates

    Spending and Saving

  • Q15

    What do comparison words signal?

    The author is pointing out a similarity between two ideas.

    The author is pointing out a difference between two ideas.

    The author is explaining one side of the argument.

    The author is explaining both sides of the argument.


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