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English Download B1 - UNIT 8 - 8.51 -8.98 expressions

Quiz by Antonia

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  • Q1
    We went on holiday to an island to _____ and forget about work.
    get away from it all
  • Q2
    When he sees the snow in June, he will _____ !
    shake his head from disbelief
  • Q3
    She's _____ and only visits me when I can give her a free meal.
    a fair weather friend
  • Q4
    He pulled the child out of the river in seconds; he was _____.
    as quick as a lightning
  • Q5
    Because Tom is new he _____ ,but he will soon learn how to do the job.
    is wet behind the ears
  • Q6
    Manolis has his _____ and hasn't heard a word you said.
    head in the clouds
  • Q7
    The weather forecast predicted that tonight it is going to _____, so take an umbrella.
    rain cats and dogs
  • Q8
    Susan can not find a job, but she will _____ if her parents help her out.
    weather the storm
  • Q9
    They said she will _____ when the company closes down, so she is looking for a new one.
    lose her job

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