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English for Specific Purposes

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What is one of the characteristic of English for specific purpose?
    Promote academic awareness.
    Designed to meet the specific needs of the learners.
    Deliver lower intermediate and beginning level language training.
    Use pedagogical work-specific documents and materials.
  • Q2
    Which one is not the benefit of taking ESP course?
    Effective content application as learners can use the appropriate language terminology on the job soon after the completion of the course.
    Faster acquisition of the required English language terms: as the content is context-based, it allows students to learn in an accelerated manner.
    Optimum use of their learning resources, all of which are pre-identified according to the goals and needs of the Labor Market.
    Rapid increase in job productivity and efficiency as employees are better prepared to communicate with their clientele and colleagues.
  • Q3
    Which are the types of English for specific purposes?
    English for funny purposes
    English for thinking purposes
    English for cultural purposes
    English for occupational purposes
  • Q4
    Which one is not the limitation of ESP?
    Lack of teaching materials
    Teacher lacks of familiarity with some of the more specialist vocabulary.
    ESP Teacher is not enough for a number of students.
    Students need to be bilinguals.
  • Q5
    Why does ESP course require expert teacher for teaching?
    School has more budget for teacher’s employment.
    Some students have already taken the previous course so they need expert teachers.
    It is a principle of Department of Education unless school cannot create the course.
    General teachers have no background knowledge so they cannot teach students some specific lessons.
  • Q6
    Which one is not considered as threefold benefits of taking ESP course?
    Learning effectiveness
    Learning speed
    Learning advance
    Learning efficiency
  • Q7
    What is the majority benefit that teacher get from doing Need Analysis?
    To improve student’s language learning
    To gather students’ information
    To gather students’ information
    To know what students want
  • Q8
    which one is the first mainly focused of ESP in 1960s?
    The grammatical analysis of technical texts and functional lexis
    Discourse analysis
    Rhetorical and discourse analysis
  • Q9
    How does ESP different from GE?
    ESP focuses on how to use English in different situations, while GE concerns about language features.
    Language in ESP tend to be more informal than GE
    ESP main goal is to meet students’ specific purpose, whereas GE main goal increasing students' skill and confidence in using English
    Tuition for an ESP course is lower than GE language course.
  • Q10
    What is the narrow-approach?
    The teaching of English through topics beyond students’ specialist areas
    The grammatical analysis of technical texts.
    Concentration on one skill is limiting
    The focus of the language studies should be on the students’ specific area of development.

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