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English grammar test (Tenses)

Quiz by Özgül Gültekin

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    Last Saturday, my father ----- that his dinner suit was too small, so now he ----- a strict diet.
    was discovering / has followed
    discovers / was following
    has discovered/ followed
    discovered / is following
  • Q2
    Helen ----- her driving test five times so far without success, but she ----- yet
    ) is taking / doesn't give up
    has taken / hasn't given up
    takes / isn't giving up
    was taking / didn't give up
  • Q3
    Most of the time, John and his friends ----- football matches at their local cafe, but this Saturday, they ----- to the stadium, and so they're all very excited.
    were watching / went
    watch / are going
    have been watching / go
    are watching / have gone
  • Q4
    Kate ----- a vegetarian for eleven years now, and she ----- meat at all during this time.
    has been / wasn't eating
    has been / hasn't eaten
    is / isn't eating
    is / doesn't eat
  • Q5
    Last year, Richard ----- his bicycle to work everyday, but he ----- the bus since the accident.
    rides / has taken
    was riding / took
    has ridden / is taking
    rode / has been taking

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