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English II Chapter 1 Quiz on "Night" by Elie Wiesel September 20-2019

Quiz by Cynthia Turner

Grade 10
ELAR (2009)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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14 questions
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  • Q1
    Who is the narrator of the story "Night"
    Moshe the Beadle
    Adolf Hitler
    Elie Wiesel
  • Q2
    An area of town that was surrounded by barbed wire, where Jews lived temporarily before being deported to Aushwitz, Birkenau was known as what?
    Concentration Camp
    Gas Chamber
  • Q3
    What was the feeling of the Jews as they experienced deportation?
    Panic, sadness, exhaustion, hunger, father crying
    anger, panic, bewilderment
    terror, anger, defiance
    anger, ridicule, father cursing
  • Q4
    What is the relationship between our stories and our identity? To what extent are we all witnesses of history and messengers to humanity?
    All of the above
    There is a link between our identity and the stories we tell. That link brings together the storyteller and the one who listens or reads the story
    We are our brothers keeper
    There is a chain between humans
  • Q5
    In what year does Elie's story begin? How old was he then?
    1943, 15 years
    1941, 13 years old
    1950, 13 1/2 years old
    1940, 13 years old
  • Q6
    What was the first horrifying sight that Elie saw, but couldn't believe he was really seeing?
    Aushwitz, Birkenau
    The S.S. officers with guns
    Children and babies being thrown into a fire pit
    The concentration camp with the barbed wire fence around it
  • Q7
    What fate awaited those who kept anything of value after being told to turn all valuables over?
    They would be shot
    They would be separated from their families
    They would have to work in the fields
    They would be left behind
  • Q8
    Under whose authority are the Jews as they are transported out of Hungary?
    The German army
    The Czechoslovakian army
    The American army
    The Soviet army
  • Q9
    What was foreshadowed by Madame Schacter's continuous nightmares about flames?
    The fires of the concentration camps
    The train catching on fire
    Someone starting a grass fire
    Memories of her home being burned
  • Q10
    What did some of the passengers do to quiet Madame Schacter?
    Beat her, and gag her
    Threaten her
    Bribed her
    Ignored her
  • Q11
    Why did Elie lie about his age and his occupation when questioned by the S.S. officer?
    To see if he could get away with it
    His father told him to lie
    Because he looked old for his age.
    So that he could be put in a work group, and not be sent to the crematorium
  • Q12
    What were the conditions inside the train?
    Overcrowded, sealed train cars, no bathroom, very little food or water
    Wooden isle seats, box lunches, bottled water
    Very Roomy, box lunches, bottled water
    Ice cold drinks, box lunches, window seats, 1-stall toilets
  • Q13
    What was the hometown of Elie Wiesel?
    Paris, France
    Sighet, Transylvania
    Aushwitz, Birkenau
    London, England
  • Q14
    In the documentary "Preface to the New Translation by Elie Wiesel" Why does he say " I must confess I do not know, or no longer know, what I wanted to achieve with my words?
    He was confused because of what he had experienced
    He didn't know how to write a book
    In the beginning he seemed confused, and did not know why it was important to write his story. However, in the end he realized that writing his memoir, was the right thing to do, so that what happen to him and others would never be forgotten,
    He didn't know which language or translation to use

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