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English Recap

Quiz by Alisha Fidoe

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of these best describes Hyperbole
    Compares to something else
    Exaggeration in writing
    Asks a question that cannot be answered
    Words with the same sound
  • Q2
    What is bias
    Have no opinion
    Don't care either way
    Strongly for or against a person or something
    Have an opinion
  • Q3
    Name 3 presentational features of a letter
    address of recipient, senders address, subject, links
    Sender address, date, address of recipient, signature, Dear sir or madam
    author, images, Dear sir or madam, date
    Date, title, address details, to:
  • Q4
    What is a verb
    Describing word
    Doing word
    Name of someone/something
  • Q5
    What is alliteration
    Asking a question
    Repeating the same point
    Words in a sentence with the same sounds
    Comparisons to living objects
  • Q6
    What is the difference between fact & opinion
    Facts have evidence to support the statement - Opinion is personal and is not supported by facts
  • Q7
    What does presentational features mean
    The topic
    The syle
    The tone
    The layout of a document or piece of text
  • Q8
    Which of these is a purpose of text
  • Q9
    Which of these is an example of emotive language
    An innocent bystander suffered facial injuries when the thug launched his glass across the bar.
    An incident broke out in the bar and someone was injured.
    Another person in the bar was injured by the man's glass.
    There was a bar fight.
  • Q10
    What is tone in writing
    The writers attitude
    The writers opinion
    The writers personality
    The writers feelings
  • Q11
    Which of these would be considered formal writing
    I won't go there again, cause it is too long me to travel
    I will not go there again, because it is too long for me to travel
    I will not go there again, because it's too long for me to travel
    I will not go there again, cause it's too long for me to travel
  • Q12
    What is an adjective
    Describing word
    Doing word

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