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Enlightenment Philosophers Matching

Quiz by Julie

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  • Q1

    Match the idea or accomplishment to the philosopher

    linking://blank slate|Locke: Encyclopedia|Diderot: rational religion|Voltaire: "Dare to know!|Kant: separation of powers|Montesquieu

  • Q2

    Match the idea or accomplishment to the philosopher

    linking://individuals must follow what is best for the entire community|Rousseau: no government influence in the economy (laissez-faire)|Smith: feminism|Wollstonecraft

  • Q3

    Match the definitions

    linking://belief in a supreme being|deism: there is no god|atheism: place to discuss Enlightenment philosophies|salon: all men have inalienable (can't be taken away) rights|natural rights: sophisticated & international|cosmopolitan 


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