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Enlightenment Thinkers

Quiz by Joe Harmon

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  • Q1
    The Enlightenment thinkers believed government could be based on:
    natural born
    natural law
    natural rights
  • Q2
    Enlightenment thinkers believed that natural law could be discovered through:
    religious belief
    human reason
  • Q3
    According to Thomas Hobbes, the people agree to be ruled by a ruler if:
    the ruler is voted into office
    their rights are taken away
    the ruler protects their rights
  • Q4
    According to John Locke, people naturally have a right to:
    life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
    life, liberty, and property
    free speech, religion, and movement
  • Q5
    According to Baron de Montesquieu, government power should be:
    separated, so no one part of government becomes too powerful
    separated into two branches
    given to a king
  • Q6
    Voltaire argued that people should:
    be able to speek freely
    be ruled by a king
    have the power to elect a president
  • Q7
    Legislative power means:
    law making power
    law enforcing power
    law interpretation power
  • Q8
    Many of the Enlightenment thinkers ideas are found in:
    Both the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution
    the Declaration of Independence
    the U.S. Constitution
  • Q9
    According to John Locke, people were given God-given rights called:
    natural law
    freedom rights
    natural rights

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