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ENM401 - UNIT 2

Quiz by vandang

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31 questions
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  • Q1
    The general impression of a product held by real or potential consumers.
    brand image
  • Q2
    a defined group most likely to buy a firm's product
    target market
  • Q3
    an organization's strategy that combines all of its marketing goals into one comprehensive plan.
    marketing strategy
  • Q4
    the successful selling of a product or service in a specific market
    market penetration
  • Q5
    dividing customers into segments of buyers who have different requriments or purchase habits
    market segmentation
  • Q6
    the use of particular products in films/movies or television programmes in order to advertise them
    product placement
  • Q7
    all info about products
    product portfolio
  • Q8
    the atributes or characteristics of product such as size, shape, quality, price
    product feature
  • Q9
    basic info about a customer
    customer profile
  • Q10
    the ability to maintain customer loyalty.
    customer retention
  • Q11
    (n) all the people who buy or use a particular product or service
    customer base
  • Q12
    the act of designing the company's image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market
    brand positioning
  • Q13
    elements that are instantly recognized as belonging to a certain company or product
    brand identity
  • Q14
    A small group of approximately 8-12 potential customers, guided by a researcher to discuss and give opinions, thoughts, and information about a new business proposal, product, service, or marketing campaign.
    focus group
  • Q15
    division of the mass market based on shared characteristics
    market segment

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