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Environmental Issues Canada

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    Pollution caused by burning coal and other fossil fuels.
    Acid Rain
  • Q2
    The two natural resources most affected by acid rain
    Timber and fish
  • Q3
    Coal burning factories, vehicle exhaust, and 50% to 75% is caused by pollution blowing in from U.S.
    Causes of Acid Rain in Canada
  • Q4
    Factories dump pollutants.
    Cause of pollution in the Great Lakes
  • Q5
    Kill trees, pollute lakes enough to kill fish, damages houses, buildings, and statues.
    Effects of Acid Rain
  • Q6
    1.5 million Canadians make their living in this industry
  • Q7
    The area of Canada with the most abundant mineral resources, including diamonds, gold, silver, uranium, zinc, and copper
    Canadian Shield
  • Q8
    Blasting and digging with heavy machinery causes the land around mines to be damaged and releases harmful chemicals into the air, which causes acid rain.
    Effects of mining in the Canadian Shield
  • Q9
    They cover almost half of Canada's land
  • Q10
    The three leading timber provinces
    British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec
  • Q11
    The removal of trees faster than forests can replace themselves.
  • Q12
    Companies cut all the trees in a given area, leaving large treeless gaps in the forest

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